Is it really worth having a medical marijuana card?

Discussion in 'New Jersey Patients' started by Mindtheater, Aug 13, 2013.


    Mindtheater New Member

    After jumping thru all the hoops, I finally got my registration number from a Doctor. I was Diagnosed with MS approximately 15 years ago and have been using marijuana ever since. I have had no problem getting the best buds so I really don't need to go to a dispensary to get crap for the same price. I was thinking that having a card would protect me legally, but I know that is stupid because no one is looking to bust me! So do I put my name into a registry forever and let the state know my business and get my card? What would you do??

    Newbgrowerr New Member

    Why dont you look up the prices at local dispensaries for the strains you currently buy and see if it is any cheaper.

    Jpzooyork Active Member

    The only dispensary in the state that is opened in montclaire nj greenleaf compassion center is currently out of inventory.....they supply the whole state for registered patients till the other 5 open and limit how much you can buy because they can't meet demand all alone.
    You can always go to another med state and get it from a caregiver or dispensary just have to fill the paper work (designation form) but in the state I will be a caregiver soon maine it will prob be half of what your paying and more selection/better product.that is if its worth the drive for you.... But as long as you have your card you are good

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    Quite simply, the answer to your question is NO.

    At least in N.J.

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