Is a new generation of camouflage coming our way? (Metamaterials)

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    fyi - Been reading a few articles on these materials. They sure would make for an interesting new generation of stealth outdoor growing. And if they ever figure out how to let certain light through the material would be even better for growers :)

    In reality, i figure the material would be regulated (if it becomes available to the public). Or, it will have a price tag which puts it out of reach for the general public ;)
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    Hmmm. On further reading this appears to sadly be a bit of a pipe dream (with too much false advertising), oh well. Who knows what tomorrow holds :)

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    Special Forces use hologram technology which is kind of like a mirror suit and have had it for years. They also have a marble sized explosive shell made of a titanium, chromium and tungsten alloy that encases a cocktail of fulminated mercury, depleted uranium and C-4. Just put in place and dial the number to detonate. Very, very nasty little boogers.

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    They have that quantum stealth camo sheet already and had it for awhile now since they started the future land warrior program.


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    The company behind the first video (showing the girl behind the metamaterial sheet) is a mockup of how the technology would 'theoretically' look (so basically they are fake). We don't even know what it will look like (especially when moving etc). And since releasing the pics/videos (in 2012) the company has not demonstrated/showed that they have progressed with making the tech (so the videos were more to get attention from investors, probably)

    The second video is just a video artifact and not a stealth suit (the US soldier is dressed normally). The 'invisibility' effect is probably being caused by a monstrous heat wave (common in Iraq) between the camera and those soldiers around the tank. The effect is compound because the soldier is running fast ..If you look closely at the video (after the 'stealth' soldier gets on the tank *highlighted by red circle*) another soldier moves around to the front of the tank before turning and running back around the tank himself. As the soldier does this the heat haze causes HIM to disappear too (something the video doesn't point out). This second incidence occurs at 0:28 secs into the video (in fact there is a 'vapor trail' effect seen as well at 0:29). This shows its a camera artifact issue of some kind ..i doubt those insurgents cared much for those video recorders :)
    Sadly it is a case of chasing ghosts ;)

    One of the things about funding stealth tech that i'm sure the military think:
    You spend all that money trying to be invisible in the day ..when its easier and cheaper to simply conduct a mission at night :) and, going forwards augment the stealth tech there (making it harder to see you at night).
    Plus, if you've ever seen a sniper (who is a master of the ghillie suit) they practically already ARE invisible

    The metamaterial concept is sound, I believe. Though what it would actually look/act like is still up for conjecture. And, the funding needed to even create a prototype is obviously pretty high i believe (as would be the cost of production for the future, due to the complexity of producing it)
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    ignore (accidental post)

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    .. Investigate Starfield Technology

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    cheers for the tip. Looked it up, it basically seems to be an old magicians gimmick (as in 'smoke and mirrors'). However, it has been reinvisioned with new/modern tech (it is interesting). And although the flat mirror versions are limited in scope, the cylindrical idea (which I guess would be more expensive) could in theory be placed over/around a single plant. Or, if money is no issue, a larger grow perhaps :)
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