Independent Photo Results Using LED Grow Lights vs HID and other LED's.


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I feel as though there are many individuals on this site who would like to see some real side by side results with LED against other products, whether HID or LED. I know browsing through thread after thread and sifting through page after page to see results can be daunting, so I've gone ahead and collected photos from many various grow demonstrations that are either completed, near completion, or in progress to show you that the future of lighting technology is here!

We also supply you with the links to follow along with the complete journals if you like, as they are all being carried out by independent growers just like you, some on this forum and others. In many of the examples we'll be showing, we supplied the lights free of charge so that we could give all the skeptics out there with exactly what they've been asking for: unbiased results from independent growers. After all, when someone comes along and says you can achieve the same yields as HID while using half the wattage or less, who wouldn't be a little skeptical right?

We hope you enjoy the photos, visit the links of the journals we took these images from, and see the power of growing with properly built LED Grow Lights.



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To view the complete 205W LED vs 400W HPS journal, click here:

Sour Diesel

70.4 Grams HPS vs 59.9 Grams LED

Feb 15, 2010:

Feb 19, 2010:

March 03, 2010:

March 18, 2010:

March 25, 2010:

April 1, 2010:

April 8, 2010:

April 12, 2010:

April 17, 2010:

Sugar Shack

34.2 Grams HPS vs 29.1 Grams LED

Feb 15, 2010:

Feb 19, 2010:

March 04, 2010:

March 18, 2010:

March 25, 2010:

April 1, 2010:

April 10, 2010:



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To view the complete Haight Solid State 186W vs Hydro Grow 126W Competition, click here:

End Yield: 117 grams Hydro Grow vs 48 grams Haight Solid State. HGL claims victory with 1.03 Grams per Watt!

Day 1 Veg:

Day 7 Veg:

Day 14 Veg:

Day 21 Veg:

Day 28 Veg:

Day 35 Veg:

Day 6 Bloom:

Day 14 Bloom:

Day 21 Bloom:

Day 29 Bloom:

Day 37 Bloom:

Day 46 Bloom:

Day 55 Bloom:

Day 62 Bloom:

HSS Wet Weigh-In:

HGL Wet Weigh-In:



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Gary Busey

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I would never buy LEDs from HGL.

Cammie McKenzie, the "woman" behind that business, well, just google "her" name, and see the good stuff that comes up.


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geez i know its a thread dig but thanks for bringing that up, I too would never deal with a company like this, the poster of this thread is probably cameron mackenzie himself in on of his other guises. If it wasnt for your warning this thread would have been extremely misleading.


hahah ,my friend got hooked on this lie :) i wanted to chack it out so i ended up here. If he had 700 dolars he would have been facced over by this woman ... im not geting fooled by this , there is no way that these pics are legit and that 200w LED can outgrow 400 HPS , if it was 400 LED vs 400 HPS , i might have been fooled , but this is just to good to be true kind a thing , so those of u that have 700 bucks for this, pls think again , we smokers like to think that we are smart , but if this woman is doing good with her sails that might not be the case :) grow on friends


this thread appears to validate the higher photonic efficiency of LED growlights due to spectrum (or something)

they seem as effective in veg and flower

people will always resist new and different options to the norm. Perhaps use one for veg, the 180w ufo seemed to fill the grow tent for veg pretty well, and that first test shows the led's blowing the metal halide out of the water for veg

most interesting thread