Increase in consumption causing strain in our relationship

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    ticklykayak Active Member

    My husband is hitting more than usual. He isn't opening up if it's because of his work or something else. He's even growing some inside our house; thus, our kids are being exposed to it all day every day. This increase in consumption is ruining our relationship. What do I do? I don't want to stop him because he's not really drinking or even gambling.

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    Is this use interfering in other ways? How old are the kids?

    ticklykayak Active Member

    7,5 and 3. Sometimes he would stop working in the middle of the day and stroll in the neighborhood and would have no time for the kids at night because he has to catch up with work. Some days, he even starts smoking right after he wakes up.

    Gladster Member

    It could be that your husband is into a smoking addiction and needs help. But, of course, he must be willing to stop his habits.

    ticklykayak Active Member

    I was able to convince him not to smoke anymore but instead make a tincture so it is safer for the lungs. As of now, he couldn't find anyone who can sell him the amount he is looking for. That's why he is kind of considering averting to it totally with the help of Regain. I like the idea and would like to support him to try it. Time can tell if it would work out with him.

    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    I use tincture all day for work and smoke when i get home

    But i am a medical patient and suffer from add and anxiety daily so for me i consume to not have to take a hand full of pills fron the doctor.

    Your husband may be consuming more because its needed. But your right tincture is a nuch more productive method of consuming. But everyones different.

    And just because you dont like how much hes consuming doesnt mean its not helping his daily stress level. Give the guy a break.

    ticklykayak Active Member

    I'll try to follow your suggestions.. thank you all
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