Improving Seeds germination with cold stratification method

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    gardenergreat Active Member

    Hello friends,

    Using this method... very useful for prerennials...

    Do you know vernalization?

    Cold moist stratification: My method

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    Nyan Rapier

    Nyan Rapier Well-Known Member

    That's pretty useful. Do you know if pumpkins/gourds need stratified? I've tried looking it up, but never got a good answer.
    harris hawk

    harris hawk Well-Known Member

    Try Dr. Willard's "plant catalist

    AKDrifter Well-Known Member

    Just had to do this for 200 berry bushes I started. planted my property back in AK , hopefully when I get back there they will be doing well.
    Burn 1NE

    Burn 1NE Member

    catnip seeds need this, ive also found while growing pepper plants if seeds dont pop try a couple nights in near freezing temps. they all should pop up
    Larry {the} Gardener

    Larry {the} Gardener Well-Known Member

    I found out after I had planted my spinach the seeds should have spent the night in the freezer. I did have a poor stand.

    Good info, but too many clicks needed to read it.

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    I.G.Rowdit Well-Known Member

    I do it slightly differently. I sow the seeds in a container. Put the container into a plastic food storage bag. Put the bag into the refrigerator for the recommended amount of time. Usually the seeds will begin to germinate in the refrigerator. You need to check them frequently and move the container to a warmer, brighter area to allow the seedlings to develop.

    In general, temperate climate perennials require stratification. There are some that don't but if you are unsure, stratification won't hurt temperate climate plants. Tropical plants are a different story.

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    if they're old or tough....i do the same with great success.
    my mj seeds never needed this in my experience.
    washed, soaked, germinated, planted within a few days every time

    Nafydad420 Well-Known Member

    ill have to try this with my catnip or anything for that matter, looks fun, Rapid rooter for life though.

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