Immune to edibles (crosspost to edible cooking)

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    Possum1 Well-Known Member

    Thought I'd try here, as little response in other section.
    Probly done with edibles, just thought I'd see if there was any advice out there.
    20yr smoker with fine results. Alleviates depression and pain, happy buzz along the way. Never tried edibles.
    Neighbor brought cookies, made with 1oz per stick butter a year ago, and warned me to take it easy as they were strong. Started with 1/4...nothing...3/4...nothing...2 whole...nothing. cookies all gone.
    A few months later made my own butter 1/4oz per stick. 1/2 cookie made my wife loopy, me nothing.
    Completed my grow, made green dragon. 1/4oz decarbed weed to enough everclear to cover. Me 12ml...nothing...wife..2ml passed out after 2 hours of slurring speach.
    Made butter again 1/2 oz good bud per stick. Worked up to honey lemon tea with 2 TBS melted in it = 3 grams good decarbed weed + good spritz of soy lecithin. Drank at noon effect...I've smoked several more bowls and drank a couple vodka mixed drinks since...nothing. I'm giving up on edibles unless someone has something I haven't tried? Feel like I'm missing out on something.

    gb123 Well-Known Member

    we are all different..
    some get floored where others don't

    try 800 to 1000 mgs 4 or 5 cookies.
    24 cookies divided by say 3 to 5000 mgs is only 125 to 200 mgs per cookie.
    Try eating 4 cookies.
    If you green out..Just start eating and drink lots of water :)
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    drsaltzman Well-Known Member

    Edibles are metabolized by the liver.
    Smoking goes straight to the brain.
    Some people can't metabolize edibles.
    You are one of them.
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    Possum1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks, appreciate confirmation. Just sucks.
    I've upped dosage to beyond reasonable, no love.
    Just makes me wonder what I'm missing out on.
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