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    dailydose46 New Member

    Illinois law pretty much created monopolies for dispensaries for us downstaters - I'm in Peoria. So I've been scouting the ones closest to me. For me, it all boils down to strains and cost. So far, I've visited Peoria, Canton, Milan, Ottawa and Springfield. Springfield wouldn't give any info about strains but said they only sell 1/8's at $55 per - WOW $440 for an oz! Milan was vague about costs but implied around $400 to 420 per oz. Ottawa has all their stuff listed on their site. They're also a grower and their own stuff is $ 340/oz and $405 for other growers. Peoria lied to me and said it was against the law to give out strain/cost info. Canton sells most strains for $385/oz and will give a discount of $0.25/mile if you spend over $200.

    So I'm wondering about other dispensaries and their costs. Chicago area has lots so I'm wondering if there is any cost competition there? Also wondering about any other dispensaries in IL and their costs.

    Let me/all of us know your dispensaries and costs.
    Jeff S.

    Jeff S. New Member

    Hey there!
    At The Dispensary Fulton we try to make products as affordable as possible. We will gladly give you strain information on any product you would like. Check out our menu which includes our pricing at . I'm sorry you haven't had the best experience in the Illinois market and wish you the best of luck on your search!

    dailydose46 New Member

    Thanks, Jeff, for the link. You guys have great prices! I'll be up there soon. Any chance you will add to your strain selection - Durban Poison in particular?
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    Jeff S.

    Jeff S. New Member

    We may add Durban in the future but unfortunately I'm not sure how long that may be. We do have some strains that compare to Durban, depending on what characteristics of the strain you're looking for. We are hoping to expand our strain list in the future but our main focus at the moment is keeping our pricing affordable. Feel free to call or email us with any questions! I'm sure I can help you find a great strain to help with your condition.

    texasjack Well-Known Member

    There is one in Homewood. That's a South suburb so probably like 2 hrs for you. I don't know anything about quality or prices though.

    Brewski0420 Member

    Anyone one use Trinity In Peori? What are the prices like?

    Redbass12 New Member

    Anyone use The Clinic Mundelein?

    Starchild1956 Member

    I've just started using the Mundelien Clinic, I feel it is very pricey. 420 an ounce of regular flower, the shake and popcorn bud is much more affordable.

    Starchild1956 Member

    What I didn't know until I had already visited the Clinic Mundelien, is that they have a loyalty program, one point per dollar spent, you accumulate these points for free product, also, they give a discount if you are disabled. Be sure to take your paperwork with you and get that discount your first trip there.
    goobers grandma

    goobers grandma New Member

    I signed up for Numed in East Peoria. They gave me a product listing with pricing. Can I use other suppliers?
    goobers grandma

    goobers grandma New Member

    I use NuMed in East Peoria. I have only purchased once but they do have a web site with products and pricing

    Kid108 New Member

    I'm currently going to Windy City Cannabis in Homewood IL. The prices there are ok but they run out of stock pretty fast. Especially GG#4. Looking for a new dispensary located in South Surburbs of Chicago. Any ideas??? Any dispensaries with better prices???

    Kid108 New Member

    Been looking for that Super Lemon Haze strain in Chicago with no luck......

    Doggiekittykisses Member

    There’s Windy City Cannabis in Worth. They are great, prices seems ok, and they’re very knowledgeable.

    Pottsjames New Member

    The medical marijuana in Illinois is a joke. They will not even let me work anywhere if it's in my system and places like manpower and prologistix have banned me for 6 months and everybody looked at me like I'm shit for not taking pain killers and doing something that doesn't come with side effects as bad as smoking crack.

    Pottsjames New Member

    Besides that the dispensaries need a kick in the butt for charging so much while we as the people should be able to freely have a bush if we so choose.

    Juke52 Well-Known Member

    I'm on the north side of Chicago, and am expecting my card any day now. Medmar (my designated dispensary) and Dispensary 33 are the two closest dispensaries, and I've been studying the menus on their websites. Are there any other dispensaries I should look into? I don't mind driving a bit to get better selections and prices if there are any to be found.

    TrailblazerTony Well-Known Member

    EarthMed in Addison. $250 an ounce, 10 strains. I grew up There, went to the City many times, if you go on a weekend, 1 hour drive.
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    Gmac1041 Member

    I don’t see any prices or descriptions. Pretty crappy website

    Myk63 Well-Known Member

    Leafly, the app or the website.

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