I want to get started cloning...need recommendations

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    Revilgaz Active Member

    Can anyone list some quality products to get me started cloning? I've always grown from seeds but I now have two tents going for a perpetual grow and cloning seems to be the way to go cost wise. There are so many prooducts out there I'm not sure what to buy. I'm looking to do like 3 clones at a time.
    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Dr.Nick Riviera

    Dr.Nick Riviera Well-Known Member

    clonex gel
    shot glass
    root riots
    plastic tray and lid

    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    When you take ur cuts place in water asap. Then cut and dip in gel.

    Mist the dome you want the humidity close to 100% in there.

    Clones need almost no light. Use natural light or small cfl
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    rickyrozayyy Well-Known Member

    Water. Humidity. Good to go...
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    WeedFreak78 Well-Known Member

    ^^^what they said. I'd suggest a smaller tray and lid for the numbers you're talking. I have the normal 12" x 24" tray and do 6-12 at a time and it's way to big. I need to fill it with hydroton or they fall over.

    Heat mat under tray, 75-80F. Cut all your clones off the plant extra long and throw right into a bowl/bucket of water, let them sit a few minutes to hydrate, then trim to final length/ size. Soak plugs, then let them sit a couple minutes to drain. Poke the center of the rooting plug with something sterile, about the size of a pencil, dip cutting in gel, stick in plug. Mist daily, or as needed to keep plug moist.

    rickyrozayyy Well-Known Member

    Oh and get more cuttings... just incase some don't make it!! :bigjoint:

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    I never use gels or dips. I just cut with scissors off the plant dip it in water immediately then I put in rock wool and place on a heating mat in colder times. No misting, no dome, just tap water till clone starts to yellow which means it's metabolising. I typically have 100% success during most of the year but hot summer months sometimes cause headaches with the stem rot and wilting.

    These smaller blueberry clones are like 3-4 days old and the taller s. kosher clones are about 2 weeks old and just busted roots out the bottom of the cube. I'm sure with gel and dome you could speed up the process but the time line works for my set up.
    rambo.jpg og.jpg
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    Revilgaz Active Member

    Would placing the cuttings on top of my grow light be a feasible option to keep them warm? Like dipping the cuttings in gel, placing in rockwool, putting them in a tray and putting the tray on the light?
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    Bareback Well-Known Member

    T5 light
    I this same stuff , but what I do is split the bottom 1/2" open and scratch it gently. I use perlite between the tray and tray bottom , and I mix a little kelp juice with water add that. Close the dome vents and most with plain water, mist the inside of the dome and the plant . Wait a week and crack the vents a little.
    100% so far. I've also used root powder and moist soil , also bubble cloner with plain water. The root powder and soil was the least effective. If your interested I'll give you two designs for bubble cloners just let me know.
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    Revilgaz Active Member

    So I'd be all set with these 4 items ya?

    Edit: looking at customer pictures I realize I'm not able to use rockwool cubes as it's a 72 cell tray.

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    rickyrozayyy Well-Known Member

    That's a kinda sketch place to put those bro... get a heating pad while you're shoppnkg amazon.
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    ChaosHunter Well-Known Member

    Just what I did, dome, tray , heat pad with temp control and a small T5 light, done.
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    Bareback Well-Known Member

    Plus a light
    My bad I your light now
    Ernest Benoit

    Ernest Benoit Member

    Great move! Adding a box should save time. I still allow 4 months for my two 6'x6'x2' boxes. Most of this time is given to vegging and budding, I waste no time on super cropping and bigger containers for a quicker turn over.
    So this is what I've learned to do to stop killing my plants:
    1. "Cuttings"...which is a budding site removed from a plant can be hollow near the center and towards to top. It took me some cutting deaths before I realised this. Ans; you could submerge the cutting to avoid air pocket...or...I put a dab of cloning gel on the exposed end of the cutting ASAP.
    2. After finding the right dome from my garden supplies the cuttings grow roots in just under the three week mark. The cuttings go into soil pucks and grows roots after daily misting the dome, the water and cloning powder solution in the base gets refreshed every four days using 5 stage reverse osmasis water in winter and rain barrel in fall and spring.
    3. I pot 4 times only. Each potting recieves egg shells and worm castings. I do nont normally have to add fert till budding because I keep compost in bags as well.
    4. In three wks the cuttings turn into proper clones with roots and it goes into veg as soon as the root structure is sufficient. Three wks to a month is enough and it budds as soon as there is space. 4 plants in each month ensures a steady supply out. One hybrid Indica and one hybrid Sativa in the 3:1 and lower THC:CBD range.
    5. I don't rush the harvest. The plants are normally topped three weeks before budding, (never sooner), so that they recover properly and are the best they can produce. Fert is given as they produce light leaf spotting and discolouration. Budding lights are on at night time. ( As a result, the budding box is a near constant 18-24 degrees Cel. Since the "cuttings, clones and vegging plants are together and run in the day time my circuits never overload. And they are all "Grounded circuits with serge protecters.) *So, although I only manage 4 plants at a time there are always 8 total in the budding room. 4 will finish in one month then the other 4 a month latter. When the first 4 finish...there is always a fresh 4 vegged out and ready to be beautifull medication.
    Three LEDs have replaced the xmas tree-light show that was a cluster of CFLs previousely. This caused too much heat and kept me wondering when they would explode and release that harmfull gas. Two 300w and a 210w keep my plants getting more robust, productive and finishing on time. With: less heat, lower humidity and lower risk of bugs, mildew and mold.
    My summer garden produces enough lady bugs to keep the bugs down all winter. keeping the benneficial bugs alive will ensure a stable bug free grow. No sprays find there way onto a budding plant unless it's struggling...and then it's all natural "soap/water/hot pepper spray" only.
    *Various CBD from MedReleaf is my 3:1 hybrid sativa and RX is my 50/50 hybrid indica. These current girlfriends were females from the start and keep me medicated tilll spring...this is when next summer's 5 plant oudoor, out of province gorilla grow happens.
    ***I no longer have to pay $8 per gram for mostly "almost unburning meds", "being shorted every bottle" I bought. One LP...(Organisteal) sent me brown, sweat smelling, harsh as fuck ditch weed. All Hellth Canada ACMPR pyramid and prohibition approved of course. (This shamefull LP display and excuse for proper medication is pictured in the white lid on the right. Organisteal thought it was good business to send me a ditch weed that would not burn and only lasted 15 minutes if I could stand the harshness. And in true thief fasion they just kept that money and never once offered a refund nor replacement). This desaster must be fixed! We should all understand by now that the new model for prohibition in this great country is the ACMPR pyramid. Designed to steal from a person a little or a lot at a time. How much you get robbed coralates with how fast that LP shit show wants to get rich. Too bad our leaders are idiots and dictators.

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    GrandfatherRat Active Member

    I used to be a Luddite, cloned using tap water and rapid rooters and nothing else. I had good results but I did manage to kill some of my clones with overwatering and drying out. I've switched to a simple 2 gallon 16 site aerocloner and a T5 light; could not be happier. I wish I had switched earlier.
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    BobBitchen Well-Known Member


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    meangreengrowinmachine Well-Known Member

    look up diy areocloner.. i love mine... can be a pain to get the sucker to not leak... maybe actually even worth just dropping the money on the above posted by bob, but easy way to clone imo "set it and forget it" kinda mentality really on those and great success rate for me.. also if you are worried about water temps (maybe your in a basement on a hard cement floor in Jan... just saying) a small aquarium heater works great to keep that water right at 76F for me!
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    Chunky Stool

    Chunky Stool Well-Known Member

    ^^ what they said, with one caveat: Be careful with the heat mat. They can cause overheating because the dome vents will be closed for the first week. I *always* put heat pads on bare concrete to keep the dome in the perfect temp range.
    I've got some young-uns going now. Looks like they dig it...
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    meangreengrowinmachine Well-Known Member

    as you can see lots of different ways to do it... different strokes for different folks as they say (-;
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