I posted the other day about urine test, here's a more detailed post:


recently got a urine test at concentra for a job. I haven't smoked in 28 days, test was on jan5 last time was dec7. I work out probably 3 days a week and drank A TON of water/cran juice, but didn't really take any flush precautions.

After I took the test, I came home and took 2 drug tests (first check,) and both came back a weak negative. However, the test was escreen and I know that their tests are supposed to be instant. My employer told me I wont find out till tomorrow.

The test results accidentally got sent to the lab and the medical assistant at concentra called me and wanted me to come sign something so the test could be resent to my employer. I didn't go back to get it signed cause I was so damn scared so I kind of fulfilled my own fate of finding out right away. She said it was fine, she called the lab and that "my employer should have the results by now."

Does anyone know how this process works or how/why that happened? When the tests are done will the employer get an email or is it just put into some sort of website where they can go check?

I'm just trying to put my mind at ease cause I'm stressing in the worst way possible. If anyone knows please help me out, I didn't know where else to post this.

jammin screw

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Bro u can't be scared man or not like that, whAtever is going to happen will, all I can say is u smoke once.. U can pass a drug test 14 days later..... Personal experience.. U smoke more n on a daily might need longer to detox... I said might... Meaning u could get clean in short time with products exercise and whatever else....Some jus cheat;)


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Like the other two said ... let go. It's not in your hands, and it'll break the way it'll break. Fwiw I'm sending good thoughts your way. cn


thanks fellas. I'm just stressin... gonna try to quiet my mind tonight, chill out. Thanks for the good thoughts.