I need to kill white flies that just wont die?

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    In addition to spraying, increase the air movement, eventually you'll break their life cycle
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    spinosad is good, i use it, but be aware that it does have a translaminar effect, it will penetrate leaves, which is a good thing in my opinion, but it also means that if you use it during flower, some of it will end up in your buds. i know it's not always possible, but it's best if you can have shit like that dealt with before you flip
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    Yea, I have only used it on display plants, so far. Never on a Cannabis or other crops. It's highly effective against whitefly, though. Neem seemed to keep them suppressed, but never erradicated them. Spinosad completely wiped out the populations of whiteflys, fungus gnats, and a small bunch of thrips that hadn't gotten out of control (the main reason for the spraying intervention).

    If your crops aren't too far along, or you don't have too many, you may very well be better off tossing whatever is too far close to harvest to spray with chemicals, and the chemically treating your grow area, before cleaning it prior to your next batch of plants. Going all out once, is better than constantly fighting off recurring (resistance building) populations of pests, imo.
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    How is having insecticide like this "GOOD"? Perhaps if you're making hemp products, certainly there would be a good argument to help protect crops with insecticides there. But, buds for human consumption???!???!?? And yes, I know that Spinosad [wiki] is apparently "low-toxicity for mammalians", but at the end of the day there is NO reason for ANY insecticides to be on marijuana made for human consumption.

    ... (agree!?) :)
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    it's good because you can use less of it and that makes it have a shorter half life, so it's completely gone from your plant well before you harvest.
    it's also good because it makes it capable of killing the several species of leaf miners that infest weed, and it will also work on broad and russet mites without soil drenching.
    if you don't want to use ANY insecticides, that's your choice. there's nothing wrong with using omri certified organic pesticides in a responsible way. with your attitude, you can't buy anything at a grocery store. they use pesticides (like spinosad) on just about every crop grown, EVEN ORGANIC crops.
    if you want to go to the trouble of running insect frass, and silicone, and w/e else, and say you weed is purer than mine....do what it takes to make yourself happy

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    "half life"? so your insecticide is radioactive also!? And you think using less will reduce the half-life!?!??

    Even if you were using a radioactive substance, no - using less of it doesn't result in a shorter half-life. They'll still have the same half-life, you'll just have less of them (which would be a good thing - you'd have to deal with less radioactive waste, but you'd still have to deal with it for the same amount of time).
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    the "

    why do you assume everyone but you is stupid? i worded something incorrectly, what i should have said was "it has a short half life,so you can use less of it, so it is gone from your plant faster".......and i'm pretty sure you knew exactly what i meant, and went with it anyway, because you have no real argument

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    New dryer sheets cut up into little squares or full sheets. I spread mine out on the dirt 3 small squares in a pot. They were gone in one day.
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    delphastus Catalinae is a predatory insect that specializes in eliminating whiteflies. They thrive in 77 degree temps.

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    I bet your bud tastes amazing. I won't even bring dryer sheets in the same building. Cannabis is a sponge to that stuff

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    Sounds like you typing from experience.bongsmilie

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