I need help with adding a ram to my laptop

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    hello, my laptop is a bit slow compared to my work needs. So I decided to add more ram to it. hmm i have an extra ram from my old laptop. I decided to install it but after reboot I did not see that ram in my laptop. I do not know how to do it. I need some help.

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    This one is on me 68AECD6B-8ED0-471C-958F-5484FEDAE132.jpeg
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    Srirachi Well-Known Member

    If you installed the ram and it does not show up, one of 2 things has happened. It didn't get fully inserted even though it looks and sounds like it did, or it's not going to work. Even if it DOES work, being from an older laptop, it may not help. The slowest memory chip is the speed at which ALL chips will be accessed, so 2x the ram but only half as fast may not be better than 1/2 the ram 2x as fast.

    That said, if the power on self test doesn't detect the ram at all, try re-seating it. Clean the chip's contacts with a pencil eraser. Then, enter your BIOS setup and be sure that it is set to detect changes. I don't know what motherboard you have so best to google "how to change bios settings for" whatever your laptop is.

    If this all fails, I'd say the RAM chip isn't going to work for some reason - blown up or incompatible. RAM is cheap right now so maybe that is an option for you - I'd replace all chips at once with the same brand if finances permit.

    If this doesn't help please follow up with details on your laptop and maybe a pic of the RAM and slots for it.
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    To attract the ram, you'll need to find, capture and use sheeple as bait.

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    Me ram would’nt go in ,the horn’s got in the way
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