i hate smoking dog hair

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    lambofgod110 Active Member

    any one have the same problems? i have 2 shedding machines that live with me. is there anyway to keep the hair out of the pot?
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    z4qqqbs Well-Known Member

    rofl dude i know how you feel. theres dog hair all over my house form my dog. i vaccum every day and the hair never ends lol. i just smoke the hair.... lol

    hayzeheven Well-Known Member

    uh, yea.. they make bags.. or jars... or well, anything that covers the surface of the weed.. lol ive got 4 dogs, and i have never had a problem with dog hair in my shit.. do u just leave bare bud on the ground or something? i dont get it

    Uk.Cobra Active Member

    i got two huskys... they shed like a mother fucker you even come within 5 inchs of them youll have a coat on hair on your clothes

    keep them out of your grow room simple... i got my grow room in my closet i keep them out of that room vacuum the room and make sure everytime you go in there you don't got dog hairs on ya lol if not go in there naked.. works for me lol

    Bigol'Bong Well-Known Member

    sometimes it gets on the pot while its on the stalks, ive had it happen to me, just be cleanly and make sure ur not tracking it all over the place and u should be fine

    hayzeheven Well-Known Member


    i thought u had meant pot that u buy, or just bags etc. i didnt kno u meant the pot ur growing.. sorry.. lol hahaha.. pretty funny, but yea then nvm i do have some hair every now n then, but my bud grows in a bedroom closet, and my dogs are never ever ever ever ever in that bedroom. but i still have a few hairs here n there, so now i completely imagine what a couple huskys would b like.. horrible.. idk bro keep em far from the grow space, or cover it up better

    FuZZyBUDz Well-Known Member

    i have a white german sheppard and a australian sheppard, and they shed. so they dont like pot smoke, so i blaze all day in my room (closet growroom) and if they even look into my room with an adventurous eye tell em to FUK OFF! it werks well. but the cat hair is WAY worse!! that is a prolblem im tryin to figure out. might just run a filterd fan and close the door

    hayzeheven Well-Known Member

    yea cat hair is way worse.. but my last cat died a couple years ago, and didnt have a grow room then.. lol

    1twstdFCK Active Member


    funny post, but TRUE!!

    i have the same prob.. i TRY 2 pick that shit out as much as i can bro. lol

    MRLD Well-Known Member

    Yea i have the same problem

    super2200 Well-Known Member

    At Least the cat hairs are skinnier than the pistols. I was just looking at by girls minutes ago and picked off a few cat hairs from the main colas. Shit happens

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    well worth the hassle. Doggies are good people.

    howhighru Well-Known Member

    keep ur dogs outta the grow room for one. as they can bring in other pests that you dont want either. my mut is not allowed no where near my babies..

    YaK just some guy

    shave your dog, and paint some hair on him with a sharpie.

    problem solved.

    ruderalis88 Well-Known Member

    man i know this problem. my collie is basically a walking hair factory, i swear it never stays on him for longer than 5 mins once it's grown.

    i keep him out the grow room so that's not an issue but when i skin joints there's often a bit of hair that gets all in about the place, makes me sick as fuck smoking that shit.

    Relaxed Well-Known Member

    reminds me of a funny. My sister took her 120 lb. Lab to the vet. who suggested a full body shave in summer. That big dog cried like a baby the entire time and after leaving the veg. My sister said she could see the other tiny poodles telling that big lab to suck it up cause we get a full cut monthy u pussy.....lol

    mastakoosh Well-Known Member

    i love seeing macro pics of some dank with dog hairs stuck all over it. either look at the pics and dont post the ones with hair or pick the hairs off and then take pics. and yes i had to pick many dog hairs off my bud cuz burnt dog hair tastes like burnt ass.

    Topher89 Active Member

    This made me almost pass out laughing. I think my Pitbull would hide till it all grew pack! Hahahahahaha:weed:

    DaddiDice Member

    This ppupies lil hairs all in the blunts yuk

    LsdgotAholdofMe Member

    try switching to cat hair? less harsh imo

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