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    jkuweyn Well-Known Member

    hi there
    i switch bloom period 2 weeks ago
    in veg time a little nut burn happen jut few pot edge of the leaf

    hum temp all optimal conditions
    ph 5.6 6.2 between
    600-850 ppm
    ro water use
    advance nut products i have use
    70/30 perlit coco growing med#
    i use drip system 4 times 4 min in 1 day

    y.jpg yyy.jpg yy.jpg
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    looks like nute burn to me, you probably are getting salt build up, you need to run enough water through your pots to get some run off at least once a week, or the old depleted salt will stay in your medium and burn your roots.
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    AKA Big Boss

    AKA Big Boss Well-Known Member

    In coco you should do infrequent flushes till you get 50% runoff.

    I do it every 6 feedings but you can do it more or less.
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    jkuweyn Well-Known Member

    hey guys thanks for replies greatful i understand what u say if i do wrong please correct me

    i mean i use 20lt pot and i will watered ph 5.8 water like 50lt ro phed off course its correct i think and no nutes in it or can i add some


    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    I won't interfere with the advice already given. I don't think a flush will hurt.

    A couple questions though.

    Your feeding schedule. 4 minutes, 4 times a day. What's the volume of water that comes through a single dripper in 4 minutes??
    Reason I ask, is you may be under watering your coir.
    For a 20L pot, ideally you want around 3 to 5 litres of runoff/waste per feed. Plus a flush every several weeks. Otherwise there's a good chance of buildup.

    You'd be better off in your case changing your feeding schedule, to only 1 - 2 feeds per day. But run the drippers for longer.
    Maybe...........2 times per day, for 8 minutes? Same amount of feed, and time. But more time between feeds.
    I suggest just working out how many litres come through the dripper. Then work out how many litres you need for 15-30% waste. For my 18L pots it's about 3 - 6 litres if my coir is moist. It's fairly inert.

    I realise you're keeping on top of your reservoir ph and ppms/ec.
    What's the ph and ec of your waste?
    Do you catch any waste to test it?
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Never just use plain water with coco, it fucks up the cation exchange.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    if i have to flush any soil-less medium, i'll use 100 ppm nute solution, to avoid hypotonic leeching
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    jkuweyn Well-Known Member

    hi mate and thanks for reply i though same thingk about thi happen and i will change and try you said i didnt measure the how much litre is runn off but i think 2 lt each 2 pots total is 4 and my res tank is 80 lt and it finish generally 1 week period in veg time i use same logic but in bloom period this happen i will try this feed schedule and run off ph 5.9 6.1 line ec is in 750 out 650 680 ppm

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    jkuweyn Well-Known Member

    thnks mate i will use only plain water for 4 5 days whats your ph number

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Add a bit of nutes, even if it is just a starting level according to your chart.
    Plain water messes up the coco
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    jkuweyn Well-Known Member

    you mean only base nut or extras i used advance nut conneseum series a+b and 5 extra additives and i think you said to me only add base nut a few like what ppm ££

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    Yeah man. I reckon it will help.
    2litres a feed isn't much at all. I think that may be your problem TBH. I'd say try 4litres over 8 minutes, twice a day. Even 6litres over 12 minutes, 1-2 times per day.
    Let the ph of your runoff climb a little too. It's good if it gets close to 6.5, before the reservoir change.

    If and when you flush. Don't go any lower than about 1-200ppm. Your RO water needs a bit of a charge so it can catch salts on the way through the media.
    If you use just straight RO to flush, it'll be pretty useless. Because the RO doesn't have an electric charge, you need to give it some ec. Just a tiny bit of nutrient. Having a charge in the water, amplifies the flush.

    You could probably flush for hours with RO, and you still wouldn't get all the salts out.

    My tap water is around 80ppm. I get away with just straight water for a flush myself. Because my water already has an ionic charge.
    But if I was using RO. I'd have to raise the ec a little to flush. No doubt.

    Just 0.2 ec or so. Bugger all. But just enough of a charge for other salts to attach to your water, on the way through the coir.

    jkuweyn Well-Known Member

    ohh nice answer mate all clear for now on i fill my res ro water and little nutes in it and change to wayter schdule 4*4 to 3*6 i think it will enough if not change to 8 min#

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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    No worries.
    Yeah flush. Go juuuust under ph6.5 too. Flush until ec and ph read the same in your waste.
    Then the very next feed. Give juuuust a tad above ph5.5, and full ec. The ph of the waste should quickly fall to just under ph6. Then you just start dropping the ec, and raising the ph a little each reservoir top up.
    Then by your next reservoir change. The waste ec is low, ph is close to 6.5. Then you just repeat.

    It's a good way of detecting salt buildup as well. Because if my ph, and ec of my waste doesn't easily swing, to meet what I'm feeding. I have buildup.
    Coir should be almost completely inert. If you keep on top of it.
    If the waste of your coir, won't swing, or is being stubborn, it means you need to flush.

    If in several days, your plants symptoms are still there. Or still worsening. Just drop the ec's a little next reservoir change.

    Hope this helps.
    Good luck op.
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    jkuweyn Well-Known Member

    thanks mate realy helpfull information you gave i just start 2 time 7 minutes but i think i cant recycle the old leaves it will sstart to drop because of the yellowing of nute burn

    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    No worries. Glad you found some of it useful.

    Cool. So you have changed to 7minutes, twice per day? Sounds like its working. Good news.

    As long as the problem isn't spreading, and new growth is healthy. The plants will probably just cannibalize the bad leaves.

    You are drain to waste, aren't you?
    Not recycling? I can't imagine a recycling reservoir, would be good at all with coir.
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