I am here for the uk!!!

Discussion in 'British Patients' started by wiimb, Nov 14, 2011.


    hairbear Member

    hi to u all i have a og kush 2 sweet tooth autos and going 4 a agans haze ,the cops round here are on the ball so got to be very carefull touts every f,in every were but live in hope and die roaring good luck .

    Smudga Active Member

    I've just joined and am a novice,I'm so glad to see a Brit I have been trying to find UKgeurillas to swap notes as the US don't get our summers UKgeurillas drop me a line one love SMUDGA

    Smudga Active Member

    Clonex UK GEURRILAS ain't lame I have a little patch of girls all for the price of seeds!but are summers are far from perfect.

    UkPaSsIoN:) New Member

    Hey dude if I give u my mobile number do you think you could call me? Need some advice at 8week flower two weeks left and theyre not looking too clever I think mayb heat stress

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