Hydro vs Autos?

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    I just finished a Tangerine Dream Auto in a Stinkbud Tub type system. I was running GH FloraGBM and had some trouble adjusting the nutes and ph but got it running pretty smooth. I had good growth/flowering until about the 12th week and then things went south! Major Mg deficiency!
    I got some Epsom Salts and fixed the problem but it had me wondering if Autos had a different pattern of needs?
    The TD was billed as a 7-9 week plant and she was very vigoriously growing from her third week, into to a scrog net and she built buds till the 19th week end. My lights were wimpy (~225 watt Burple) and my LST, super cropping training might have slowed her down? My training was spotty but she almost filled a 2x2' screen and I got six quart jars for curing. Not compacted of course.

    It got me wondering if there are things that need to be done differently in Auto/Hydro?
    Like in the later stages some heavy MG and lighter feedings of 400 to 800 ppm?

    I was generally aiming for 900-1200 ppm. I tried to keep Ph down to 5.8 but it varied 5.0 to ~6.3.

    Any Stink Buddies with Auto experience care to participate in the discussion?

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    speaking from experience, you're right on autos hogging the MG...

    overall they're different genetically, so it figures that they'll have different needs
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    I have enough seeds for four or five more rounds of Autos and was wondering if there are more kinks to find ?

    Was it the lst/scrog that cause her to run so long before ambering? I kind'a thought it was the wimpy light, I was running only 300-800 umols of "good" spectrum, depending upon the distance from the light to canopy.

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