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    Tomzy17 Well-Known Member

    yo smokers
    Complete hydro newb only ever grown in soil,
    Just bought a whole new set up,
    Bought a new 2.4m X1.2m X2m tent as my old tent was to small.
    Bought a supagro 8pot 500pc rdwc underflo system
    Water puMp pumping into header tank
    Air pump connected to a 8 piece manifold plumbed up to 2 air stones in each pot.
    Using tap water in England ppm200
    Will be using advanced nutrients.
    Running 3 600W HID lights (2 MH and 1 full spectrum for veg and 3HPS for flower)
    6inch inlet and 8 inch exhaust
    Running system to get conditions perfect, getting cuttings at the weekend.
    Water temps at 70degrees trying to bring it down a bit,
    Tent temps at 73 but haven’t got lights on and
    57% room humidity.
    Tonight I added something my local grow shop recommended called silver bullet which they said keeps the tanks and water clean and stops any root issues.

    Will probably be doing a grow journal
    And looking for any advice anyone can give
    Or tips on maintenance ect..

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    Tomzy17 Well-Known Member

    Sorry forgot to attach pics
    F689B244-2B29-4C72-8445-6235B0199A47.jpeg F29E74FC-D9AB-456D-8ACD-B99D7CCFC523.jpeg 7CBD5D11-1E78-4CD0-AACC-71506A656101.jpeg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    you'll need controls for humidity and air temperature and a chiller for the res...and more air flow/exchange,
    I love that system! Its the most productive hydro I ever ran.
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    take above advice, most crucial thing in hydro.
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    Tomzy17 Well-Known Member

    Ok thanks for the advice bro will have a look and see what I can find
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    Joint Monster

    Joint Monster Well-Known Member

    That's a really nice set up mate!

    Active Aqua and Eco Plus both have nice small and mid sized chillers.
    I'd recommend running it in it's own loop through a wort chiller. (This is Sound advice I recently received, just passing it on!)
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    projectinfo Well-Known Member

    Buy a temp/hygrometer

    Run your setup for a day as you plan to run it

    This will tell you if you'll need a dehumidifier or humidifier.
    A/c or heat
    Chiller or heater

    Tomzy17 Well-Known Member

    Going to buy a water chiller and humidity controller at the weekend
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    JSB99 Well-Known Member


    Tomzy17 Well-Known Member

    Cheers bro
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    Kaydoo Member

    Hope to see your journal, this is a really nice newb setup...
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    Tomzy17 Well-Known Member

    Cheers bro I’ve started one if u look on my page girls are 2 weeks in veg, I think it’s still part of my previous grow journal but should be right at the top got some really nice growth atm haha!:leaf::bigjoint:
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