hy gen nutrients???? any one ever used or know anything about them

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    tjere based in western australia im just in flip now and may have a silica def im using a one part base nutrient a humic and fulvic plus minarels plus there cold pressed seaweed extract i did need to flush from salt build up i do know that the coco drying out is bad and that a plant stretchesnduring flip but thenstems are droppy and very flexible when thay should be becoming more sturdy but if tjeres no silica then wouldent i have run into silica def way long ago everything was fine until flip it doesnt look to bad but im starting to lean towords its a salt buid up thing cuse there was another thing that lead me to beleave it was calcium i

    cant email them becuse it wont ket me verify that im not a robot i can call them
    tomorro but id prefer not to 1st of all whaf if i say im vromng say tomatos or whatever then

    how do i know the tomatos use way les silica the weed hence i dont get an accuret amswer

    the name of what im usin is hy gen one part cornacopia coco grow and coco bloom now that i think about it im not sure if this is should be in plant problems my question is alot more about the nutes then a plant problem im sure i know what it is and can sort that out earher way if any one cares to share there 2 cents ill try my best with the typing lol also im not expecting a diagnosis witch is why i have the blurples on also pics are from 2 plants oh and also again theve had a weed smell all thru veg not like that green smell but that terpine smell its to tje point now week flip im gunna have 2 set up a carbon filter plus 4 hours after toutching the plant i can smell it on my fingures lol if tje plant was deficient im posative that wouldent be the case im on coco and i have ket the mediemmfpdry out and gotten salt build up so im not sure whats giong on maybe thay stretched to quick and once stretch is over the stems will harden up
    and the other problems are just from salt build up thoughts please ? 20180130_212740.jpg 20180130_212637.jpg 20180130_212927.jpg 20180130_212654.jpg

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