Humidity levels question.

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    The temps in my tent stay between 72F- 79F but i have having trouble with the humidity levels. this is only my second grow (first time with autos). My first grow (DWC) the humidty levels stayed a good 40-50% but there was only one plant in there. Now im running 3 autos in a 2x2x4 tent grown in coco, but my humidity levels are at 60%-70%. not sure if this is because there is 3 plants in there now, the constant watering of the plants, or the high humidity levels of whre i live. They are just starting to flower and i want to know would this be a problem? or could i just add more fans for circulation and be okay?
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    Dabber68 Well-Known Member

    Exhaust fan will help my RH is like 53% and temps are between 68 and 80 I'm in full flower also have fans running

    kaptinkush956 Member

    yeah i have an exhaust fan with a carbon filter. my temps are great its just the humidity levels, but now that im thinking about i have the exhaust air exhausting into the same room as the intake so im thinking that may be the reason the humidity is so high. Im going to exhaust the air out the room see how that goes.
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    FarmerHatBeard Well-Known Member

    Get yourself a good size dehumidifier, and then rest easy because you won't have to worry about mold at all :-)

    ANC Well-Known Member

    60 to 70 isn't bad as a global RH. as long as there are no spots that are damper between the leaves. Good fans and airflow help towards this.
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    Tangie24 New Member

    Hey I'm quite new to all this myself, but any advice I can give to help! what i did notice ( no brainer I know) is any excess water lying around in the grow area can massively increase humidity, even if it's stored outside your tent, so any run off from watering or damp towels etc etc should be cleaned up straight away. Also I purchased a few interior dehumidifier bags and placed them around my tent(not internally) and it actually dropped the humidity by about 25%!!
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