Humbolts secret gold tree??


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1st time buying the stuff.
I was going to just use NPK raw line.
But I've grown for a while using Mendocino grow more 20-20-20 without fail at 1/10-20th the investment.
But the golden tree caught my attention when Rob from cannabis life style tv said he used it
( lol good job Rob influenced by an influencer ya got me). But anyways dwc ain't nothing to fux wit adding ish çan crash the party lmk if its worth the investment cost and if it pushes Like the hype promote??


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Who cares who used it. It's just another nutrient. You can grow just as good of weed with Jacks.

"Being a lifelong Cannabis advocate, as well as a Digital Marketing Specialist, Rob brings a variety of experience and skills to Cannabis Lifestyle TV."

Ha ha. Another marketing dude giving his 2¢.

How do you let someone with no actual background in Plant Science sway you to buy a product just because they use it?

All these channels, instagram, other social media, etc... If this is where new growers are getting their grow information it's another reason so many newer growers have issues and the daily barrage of posts with plants having problems.

I swear, the cannabis industry is 80% marketing and hype. The other 20% is good information that gets buried under all the nonsense out there.

And that NPK RAW line is just repackaged stuff marked up with ridiculous pricing. Just because they have some Scientist shilling for them doesn't mean what they're selling is any better than anything else. I can't believe people are paying $10 for 2 oz packages of their nitrogen/ammonium sulfate. You can buy a 5 lb bag for $15. Crazy.


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I agree... Eh its all about the "spoon feed" method (sarcasm)
Some with psychology education heard me watching the npk videos and was like that guy is totally trying to brain duck you even with this voice. Then showed the video and how he's dressed. Agree

Far as Rob I hear what your saying but I agree a million. But I gave him the benefit of the doubt this 1 one. Add the saying goes fool me once shame on you fool me twice.

I grow DWC automated florarek 3 auto ph & ppm
Nutes I use Grow More mendo 25lb 20 20 20
I was feeling spicy so I wanted to try new additives. Lmk what you recommended though! Thanks