How yo make gummies

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    i have abt 20 huge plants that I want to use the sugar leaves to make a long shelf life edible any tips? Or recipes or how to make dab pens?
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    Should go in the cooking section, however I use my magic butter machine to make tincture and then boil off the alcohol and make oil. Add said oil to gummies plenty of receipes out there. Other than that I make butter here in Michigan you can get Amish butter as real as you can get unless you get kerrygold which I’m a fan of. Either way butter and especially oil has a long shelf life.

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    Like a week late but how hard/easy is it to use that magic butter machine?

    What does it do process wise?

    I use a Crock-Pot atm but want something else, I don't need gallons at a time anymore. Thanks in advance bro.
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    It’ll do like two liters or more it has preset temps for different stuff you want to make. As well as different length cycles 2 to 8 hrs depending on strong you want it. I generally use 8 hrs at 160 degrees after I de carb it in the oven. Honestly if you set the temp higher it will decarb it well enough but I like to get all I can out of my bud. On top of that it has its own chopper slash stirring mechanism to take care of everything bud/material wise.
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