How To Start A SeedBank

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    GrowingMadness Active Member

    I'm currently presented with a rare opportunity to start a seedbank

    Although I have no idea how it's done.


    From what I can tell, you'd need at least 3 rooms. 1 Veg for males. 1 Veg for females.
    1 Flowering for mating.

    How pull it off... no idea.

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    if you have to ask you should not be breeding.
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    Mysticlown150 Well-Known Member

    well everyone has to start somewhere. Don't hate cause he may compete with your favorite breeder in the future and make more money than you. If you have no advise just read his post and don't reply. But thats just my opinion. :peace:bongsmilie

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    i've been breeding for well over a decade. even did the seed site thing a few times, and got screwed by quite a few people, including some on this site. i was BANNED for discussing my strains and projects. in more than ten years i have stabilized 4 original strains, and have a few more projects still in the works. this shit is NOT done overnight, and all crosses must be tested before you can even THINK about selling anything. this x that is not always going to give you a great cross, in fact usually crosses don't work out for one reason or another, and you the breeder end up starting all over, back to the drawing board.

    as for rooms, you have veg and flower. when working your lines you rotate males, and keep multiple females. ie, if i was to make a new cross, i'd have gdp, ak47, norther lights, etc flowering, and one sour diesel male in veg. males will auto flower in 24 hour lighting, so you just be patient and wait. once the male is about to drop all his gunk, pick up the plant and gently thwap all your females with him, and turn a fan on (done at week 4 of flower). then wait 8-10 more weeks to harvest seeds.

    imo, if you're only going to post to knock someone's reply, know who the fuck you're talking to first.

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    i used to be hard on others. favorite saying, NO CLOSET HACKING!!!!

    amateur breeders can hurt others more than helping most of the time, esp when medical users are COUNTING on good med genetics when growing out your seeds. you sell ONE BATCH of bunk junk and you're finished, and many people just wasted 6 months of their life. do you feel responsible enough to work on a cross for 3 or more years before being able to say, "this is ready for others to try"?

    Mysticlown150 Well-Known Member

    See thats all you had to do was answer the question. Why did it take someones negative reply to your post for his question to be answered? Either way topic creator got his questioned answered so me saying something negative back to you wont make a difference lol. Good day :peace::joint:

    KP2 Well-Known Member

    and my reply is the same. if you have to ask you should not be breeding. all these answers are found very easily by searching for topics on "breeding new strains" "how to pollinate a plant" "mendel's laws of genetics".

    do some research, play for a few y ears, then think about a seed bank. if you don't know what you need to do than you are not ready to do so.
    Evil Buddies

    Evil Buddies Ganja King

    So your gonna start a seedbank is this gonna be done legally are u in netherlands, belgium or switzerland.

    Well you can veg the males and females together is what i would do. When you put them on 12/12 is when to seperate the males from the females. If you only got two strains your breeding then just grow them together. The only reason to seperate is if u have loads of different strains u want to breed to different females. So then u can collect the pollen and pollenate ur females with the different strains of pollen. So u can have loads of different crosses at once. You want to only pollenate u females with one male. If not you wont know what strain of males have pollenated ur females.

    I hope u understand what im saying. Do some research check the faq on this site. There is plenty of info out there for you just got to take the time to do ur research. Check out the breeding in the faq will give u a load more insight on backcrossing etc. If your serious about this then you got a lot of research to do but hope it goes well.

    I would love to open a legal seedbank in holland. Creating new strains growing weed would be an ideal job for me.

    Good luck


    gogrow confused

    sock it to em princess ;-)

    lucyien Member

    dude if u r able to create a legal mj seed company contact me and i will come with genetics ,experience and growlabs. i 've been growin' since 14years old now i m 25 ,lots of experiences indoor and outdoor also ,in my country its illegal to create a mj seed co. so if u r still interested pm me

    Stinkmeaner Well-Known Member

    i dont know what the fuck KB2 is so angry about, but sir...SIR! if one dont ask, one does not get wiser

    dont jump the dude just for asking a question, its not very attractive

    bigv1976 Well-Known Member

    Where do you live?

    SativAHHH Active Member

    you wont ever know unless you ask on how to start a seedbank. some people even with proper breeding do not know how to start a company or get the ball rolling. i feel im talking to a brick wall on this one though, because after you said it took 3 years to stabilize a strain, i started laughing(at your expense).

    nitharshan Member

    I have a doubt isn't a seed bank a group that store and resell genetics e.g.attitude "seedbank" ,herbies "seedbank" and world of seeds "seedbank".But the replies are about breeding strains like green house seeds,nivarna ,kcbrains, royal queen,short stuff and freedom of seeds.
    Vincent VonBlown

    Vincent VonBlown New Member

    It's easy to start a seed bank all you need is money... Money for advertising, and money to buy stock with, or produce it yourself if you think you can... A lot of people think they can go on forums, and talk and put in pictures, and that will sell their seeds. But actually most buyers come from advertising, and that can be expensive!

    nitharshan Member

    some one please answer my question its post #15

    ShazMo09 Active Member

    Couldnt it be as easy as just jacking other breeders strains and calling it your own?

    Im sure ALOT of people looking to get intot he business would do this. There is no real way to prove that a bunch of seeds you just harvested are not your own, right?

    ShazMo09 Active Member

    Even though that is just a real dick move :mrgreen:

    nobodydobon New Member

    Why not start as a reseller? You buy seeds in bulk from different seedbanks to get better deals and then sell them individually (pick and mix) with a profit margin. There is no need to label these as your own as you can use the reputable names and brands to your favor. An advantage on doing this is that you can ship to countries that the seedbanks would normally not ship to... for example I am from central america and was not able to have seeds shipped from the seedbanks but only from resellers. You can have a wide variety of product from other seedbanks and eventually start experimenting with breeding your own.Luck on the biz

    zepita Member

    That's a great answer, indeed you can start as a reseller and meanwhile, develop or improve some varieties that you may or may not have. A good thing about being a reseller first and then a breeder is that you get in contact with lots of strains and good growers that you can hire to work in the projects/strains for you... Just my humble opinion :joint:

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