How To: RDWC/UCDWC diy (advanced)

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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    Hey, what lights are over your grow?

    Heisengrow Well-Known Member

    I run 2 315W CMH over one scrog and HPS on others.Im sure your refering to the CMH cause it looks like daylight indoors.watt for watt there is no comparison.CMH is killing 1000W HPS setup.
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    Haze the maze

    Haze the maze Well-Known Member

    And your screen size?

    The first plant that I grew under 315CMH came out great. II currently have My screen full and 1 week from the flip. I have a lot of plant under 1 light and My space is 3.5' x 3.5'. My first plant did not have enough time to veg. (vacation plans) so, I've got her good and filled this time around. All of the screen is getting full light with the light being at 20 inches. 8 more weeks and I'll know if this light will finish out to the edges. :bigjoint:
    Please have a look at My grow. :weed:

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