How to MOISTEN dry kush


I'm starting this thread to find out the best way to moisten "weed" but more specificaly Kush.
I have dryed out 2 oz here of Purple Kush and to my preferences this smoke is too harsh.
I will list the methods to moisten weed down here. I will also rank them later on.

- Fruit cuttings in jar whit weed
- Fruit cutting in jar whit weed in baggy
- Fruit cutting in baggy whit weed
- Moisten 1x1 Paper Towel in baggy whit weed
- Weed over steamed water ( Apparently the heat burns the trichlomes not confirmed yet )
- Moisten Q Tip in baggy
- Fresh Marijuana Leaf in Baggy (best way to my knowledge)
- Leave it in a open jar in the fridge

Ill keep this updated


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I've heard the fridge thing works pretty good. We used to just stick a piece of orange peel in our sack if it was too dry. I always liked it really dry though. ::shrug:: =)


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The fridge thing works great. Best way is to put the pot in a zip lock bag, leave the bag slightly open, then put that in brown bag, leave that open, then put in fridge, less than 24 hours, your bone dry nugs become dank nugs


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Fridge works good, adding a fresh leaf or fruit will impart the fresh smell into the weed..........If you want to have that orangy smell...I dont
A wet paper towel, qtip or whatever works good.
I just mist a few sprays of distilled into the jar thats too dry............


But if its full or food... It will get some "smell or taste" of it even if the fridge if clean.. !
Lets say theres a chocolate cake sitting beside it