How to Manage an Enterprise or Major Project

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    Following are the methods that State, Local & Federal Governments, as well as Giant Corporations use in order to complete projects, work with others to complete projects or just manage themselves.

    The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) is how Requests for Proposal (RFPs) and the subsequent Contracts are worked out. The Government or Corporation sets forward goals and requirements and the companies or persons responding reply with pricing, time frame, staff, qualifications, risk management, quality assurance etc.

    This is an example of a system that would be used
    Enterprise Architecture

    Good things to know about are:
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    I work for a Oracle Platinum partner and we build Public Sector (Government) databases and cloud software, that is where I got the management info from.

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    Courts and Hospitals used to be Greek and Roman Temples.
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    I don't think Fin knows what a scrum is.
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    I use Hooli's CEO Jack Barker's Conjoined Triangles of Success. If you are in the tech/software world or near Silicon Valley you will know what this is.

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    Oh what BS. I am neither a fan boy of Trump or hater but I know how much Lord Larry Ellison charges Uncle Scam for their shit software. Ellison was and still is a C*I*$$$A boy since the founding of Oracle. F Larry and his gigantic yachts.

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    Tens of billions if not trillions of taxpayer money has disappeared during Bushes-Clintons and Obama at the corrupt Pentagon. And your heroes at Oracle and the rest of Silicon Valley load up their shitty hardware and software with back doors and other crap to spy on American, foreign corporations, American corporations and others so the NSA/CIA can sell that info.

    Open source and foreign hardware companies are going to kill Silicon Valley's spyware and scamware technology. The only people who buy IBM anymore is the US govt and some dumb retarded corporations.

    President Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us about these scum bags.

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