How to make Colloidal Silver to make Feminized seeds

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    UPDATE: The sterling silver solution or/ suspension spray confirmed to work!! my female R2 is now covered with male balls!! Next step is to pollinate a non-sprayed (pure female w/ no cs or sterling silver treatments) R2 and then R2 x G13.

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    can you not just use a 9V battery

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    A 9V battery wouldn't go very far at all..

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    I've read that 90% percents works fine. All you need is electricity passing through silver.

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    Does this method work on hybrids strains like ultra lemon haze auto flower. I ask because I want to produce seedswhen all I have are 5 femminized seeds. I'll have no males to breed with. Are the hybrids steril like breading mules? A horse and a donkey make a mule. But 2 mules can't mate. Follow me?

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    people are still going through all this BS with the silver?

    just drop a tylenol in a spray bottle,

    it's the same thing ive done side by side's to prove it
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    Are yuo sure you aren't just a bad grower with crappy genetics who herm'd out your crop??

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    Because the silver blocks female hormones causing the male hormones to dominate and grow pollen sacks.
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    stressing the plant into herming means your breading your weakest plants that tend to herm. A conceprt lost most growers. Is the tylonol method based on stress or hormones?

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    Hello? Is this Soapy Smith?

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    I have some oceanfront property in AZ for sale. Good area to grow 18' plants.

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    What a clever joke! There are no beaches in AZ. Have you heard the one about tha chicken crossing the road? Do you have something to contribute? Or you just here to mock people driving the discussion, is my information incorrect?

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    I am doing this with a 12v 1000ma adapter (yes rather high!) and i can actually SEE clouds of silver dropping off one of the bars! (positive side)

    I only use 2 5g bars, never done this before!

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    Any thoughts on adding salt to make quick 15- minute CS? it isnt really CS cus it isn't "suspended" but would these larger particles be good enough for making hermies?

    here some googling on it

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    This is the BEST thread EVER! I'm a reader, not much of a poster, but this just needed to be stated...I know, I'm Captain Obvious!

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    Here's another old thread with pictures... You'll find the same ignorant misunderstanding of the process by posters there, as here in this thread.. Most can't believe what they've be paying big money for is so easy to make..
    I love the free seeds they give away with ea order.. If you want the strain they give you, you can make it your own with so little effort... Got some beans from SOS to cross. THC Bomb and China Yunnan [ace seeds] .. I want to add some more color to the bomb for bag appeal. I'm really liking the THCBomb. One of the most vigorous strains I've grown in a long time..

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    im doing the colloidal silver method and i don't know exactly the amount of time i have to wait until the water gets the ideal ec. Whats the correct EC for this solution? can you make an estimated of hours when you do it? i read it was like 8 hours, but how many gallons do you need?
    can you store colloidal silver? how many days?

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    So, I can't feminize a seed that was already feminized by the seed company but I can feminize a "regular" seed? Who know what the regular seeds and/or pure strains are? I just don't understand the genetics and difference between regular and feminized. My clones from regular Maui Waui seeds can be feminized but the process can only be performed on that generation one time unless I want to risk hermie traits. Is that correct? The Black Russian feminized seed I bought and cloned according to your statement cannot be feminized. Is that correct? On 420 Forums the thread on usind colloidal silver the original poster feminized seeds. I will have to go back and see if he/she was using feminized seeds or regular seeds - some were autos and some were just normal seeds. How do you know that the seeds you are buying arn't level 2 seeds bred by someone who feminized a feminized seed? Sorry for going on and on.

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