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    I am just looking for some advice. The fact is that i get paranoid that fact that people might know that i smoke. I guess you can say i just don't want to be judged. I want to be open about smoking and feel comfortable in my own skin while i medicate i just wonder can they smell it, do i look high, its kind of uncomfortable to me. I feel good when i am alone but when i am around others i get paranoid. How can i cope with this? I know that possibly the only way is being around others that do it as well. I just want to maintain who i am without being judged. Also, i feel like a hypocrite saying don't do drugs they are bad but then i am legally consuming marijuana to my kids.
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    Hey jac0419 have you tried any edibles? Those help for day use if you don't wanna smell like smoke and you can start with a low dose and work your way up to more as needed. You can find strains that don't make you paranoid it's just a matter of finding the best one that suits you. Also you are teaching your kids right from wrong. All prescription drugs can be abused. A good parent teaches their kids right from wrong. Everyone has their own opinion on everything and we are still in a country where a higher percentage of the population thinks pot is bad. We just gotta deal with it Til they see the light

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    I use a smoke buddy in my own house so the renters won't smell. I keep the windows open as much as possible as well. Hanging out on RIU helps with the coping with the lifestyle choice and paranoia/denial/secrecy. If you don't mind the trolls this is a pretty good community.

    EDIT: vs. hanging out on Facebook.

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    Hey Thanks,

    I do well on CBD but still feel uncomfortable. I guess its just because it still seems taboo unless it is really used by cancer patients. I guess more serious conditions. I want to try edibles but only if they have high CBD and low THC. I just don't want to feel high all day. Yes, i am trying to teach my kids dont do drugs. I only like to do this if i am super stressed. If i did not have my condition i would not use at all.

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    Thanks for your reply. I guess i am more nervous about it being around my kids and if people see that i am high.

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    if you are nervous about it or it makes you nervous then i would not consume it if you are going to be around people period! or except the fact that it is not an addictive drug like the prescription meds/crack your doc will give you. it is a healing herb and once you embrace it then it wont matter what anyone thinks about you because you will be comfortable doing it. be open and honest and there will be nothing to be nervous about. peace

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    Amen ‼️‼️

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    CC Dobbs

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    I find that if I'm totally naked when I am getting high nobody seems to notice that I'm high.

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    I think the more often you smoke or eat it, quickly your tolerance will be good and help more with the PTSD. Use visine, smoke spray cologne, etc and nobody will have any idea you are high if you smoke every day. Wake and bake! Soon you'll probably get over the uncomfortable feeling.

    Fuck what the world thinks about drugs, you gotta do you.

    Forget what everybody else thinks, do the right thing for yourself...

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    well i guess it depends on you, are you using it recreationally or for medication? If you have a medical need for it it's not a drug it's medication and you shouldnt feel any more guilty than taking a asprin

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