How to Become A CareGiver in CA

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    Hey guys so I am currently in the process of trying to increase my legal limits of plants I am allowed to have and i keep reading that caregivers are able to cultivate plants for their patients but I am unure where to get started ???
    Should I go to the doctor that gave me my recommendation and purchase the 99 plant limit cultivation license? Iv heard from some individuals that its a scam and its issued through the state or something Im just not sure!!
    I want to become a caregiver for some of my housemates which i help pay the bills for so which qualifies me for a caregiver position.

    DOes anyone have any suggestions of where to start?
    I really appreciate the help!
    lucy daniels

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    Yes, medical marijuana users have a growing limit of 500 square feet of marijuana plants, as long as they are caregivers to up to 5 patients and have a medical card, either issued by a physical office or an online medical card.

    You need not register themselves with state of CA to consume medical marijuana or to grow it. The only thing the patient needs is a medical recommendation from a qualified doctor. If the patient is receiving assistance from a caregiver who will handle the medical cannabis, then the caregiver and the patient has to register with the MMP. You have to complete an application and get approval. Documents required in the entire process include a proof of residence, a photo ID and your medical records.
    For more information on the subject, visit Cannabis Training Center.


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