How much weed do you smoke on average, daily?


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SOOOOO, after looking threw RIU many times now, i have not seen a whole lot of information pertaining to the amounts of weed that ppl smoke. This idea came to mind one day when i was weighing out some remaining buds that i had left. It came to my attention that i burn a lot of the green stuff! When trying to get a rough estimate of how much i burn a day, i had to factor in a couple things. How do i smoke my weed, how much do i smoke each time, and how often do i smoke. Personally, i try to stay away from paper because of the amount of tree's it consumes. I use a glass on glass bong, about 20" in height, to maximize my expensive habit. When i smoke, i take what i like to call "snaps". A snap is called a snap because of that noise that occurs when it takes place. I pack .2 (ground up of course) into my bowl head. After i fill the bong with both ice and water, i take the snap. I smoke the snap in one hit to create the biggest amount of smoke possible (which i find tends to get you more fucked up because you cough etc.) Once the last little bit of weed get sucked into the bong, you will notice a sort of "snap" sound, hence the name. I tend to like a nice snap after i wake up, eat breakfast, shower, and dress. I find that if i blaze the second i wake up, i get verrrry sleepy again and the "high" becomes more of a "daze". i usually space the snaps out about 2.5 to 3 hours- sometimes more or less depending on if i have class (college student). So with that said- morning snap, lunchtime snap, dinnertime snap, 8pm-ish snap, and latenight/bedtime snap. This brings my estimated amount of weed consumption to roughly 1 gram a day. Now, i know this may not sound like a lot, but i feel as though i smoke a TON of weed :( Hopefully some of you out there can prove me wrong and smoke me under the table!!! i estimate that i smoke a gram a day, roughly 1 ounce per month. Here in Buffalo, great weed is 400 an O, so im looking at roughly $4800 a year, and i have been doing this for 5 years strong now, resulting in a staggering estimate of $24,000 in my lifetime!!! THATS A FUCKING CAR!!!


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I smoke A lot and it depends if it's danks or schwag danks if i have it i'll smoke 2-3 grams a day schwag i'll smoke like a quarter a day


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haven't smoked my own stuff cuz i'm a first timer. But durring 1 month last year i got 4 big bonus' in a row at work and consumed a staggering 2oz. i whole oz was grand daddy purp and unknow Q bags following, never been sooo blazed in my life. LOL!!!


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The decent shit around here is usually mids but I can get a good high from it. When I have it I have been able to kill a half oz a day for a month or so but I become a complete burnout and play poker all day. Since moneys tight I usually smoke around a half a week and actually accomplish a few things.


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Anywhere from 2-5 grams per day.. depends on quality too.. mids, it's closer to 5 grams a day.. some better stuff, closer to 2 grams a day...



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I don't smoke daily so this isn't really my place to comment BUT
Don't you guys find being high just not as much fun when you've been doing it for a while?
I'm a lightweight and i smoked enough to get me high 3 nights in a row and it just wasn't much fun by the third night, i wasn't really high i was just sorta bored and a little spaced.

Anyone else ever find this?
I think weed is great but smoking it daily is something i cant imagine.
I'm not hating on you guys, you can do whatever its cool, i just wonder why people get high allot of the time, i really like to space out my time with Mary Jane.



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About an eighth a week, joint or two a day. Weekends are usually a bit more, but averages an eighth, maybe a bit more, per week.


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okay, after going to bed and waking up to this- i feel slightly better. I was convinced that i was smoking more buds then anyone on this website!! i agree with CaveChest to a certain extent- the first few smokes of the day are my favorite, but usually toward the end of the day my desire to puff has gone down significantly. I think that if i blaze and then let the high totally wear off, then my desire is back to 100% again. Thanks for the input guys. Smoke till you Choke!!!


in college i smoked about 3 grams a day of decent mids. Now i go through about an eighth and a half a week of diggety dank. Pack small bowls and hold each hit in as long as possible.


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about 3 or 4 joints (circa a gram) each /day (can't really remember what I do at the weekend - a lot - i think - ehm - Yes, a lot!) Whatever gets you there is all Chiefs.


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No way!

I smoke a joint in bed [no cig just weed and not a kingsize paper] and I defo make it after 4:20, about this long.. __________________________
I have to count my wife in there .... we never keep track by weight tho.... but I've been smoking long enough to know. Let's see.... it's 11:42 here, and I've already smoked 4 bowls... :lol: I'm so used to it...whenever my cousin visits, it gives me an indication how much I'm used to it. He smokes, but after a couple of bowls between us, he is so baked.... I'm just humming along.... maybe our physiology is different. My wife is tiny, but she has no problem.
It's not the weed.... I grow good stuff, and we do the same in Adam.

So ... yes way!! :lol:


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on my own, in my confort zone i smoke around 3/4 grams daily.
Me and my girl together smoke around the 6 mark