How much perlite (hempy)

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    Being As An Ocean

    Being As An Ocean New Member

    Looking for some help figuring out if a 4 cubic feet bag of coarse perlite would be enough for (10) 3.5 gal buckets.

    n0thing Well-Known Member

    4ft³ = ~26 dry gallons.

    You should have enough for 7 buckets @ 3.5gal. If you add vermiculite you should come close for 10.

    Also you don't usually fill the buckets all the way to the brim, an inch from the top can add up I suppose.
    Being As An Ocean

    Being As An Ocean New Member

    Im not using vermiculite. Im using perlite + coco 50/50 will that be enough?

    Also how often would I need to flush if I feed every watering.

    greencropper Well-Known Member

    cooco.png these are grown using 66% coco with 33% perlite, using canna coco A & B nutes, since pot saucers are used only mixing about 60% recommended strength each watering and clear water every third recommended by canna

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