How much per gram?

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    What tek are you using? If you do brf cakes it takes like a week or two max to harvest after your jars are fully colonized. Like 2-3days after the shrooms actually start to grow they will be ready for harvest. And as far as controlling the environment, that's easy with a humidifier on a timer hooked into your grow chamber. Just takes a bit of watching to get it dialed in perfect but after that it's easy peasy as long as you keep your shit sterile :bigjoint:
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    I probally fkd up.
    I had pins, so I think I incubated too long.
    I sniped the pins, dunk and rolled, placed in terrarium and it took 4 weeks before I could harvest.
    Seems very time consuming for so little product.
    You seem to have it nailed, and I could use help, that's for sure, so if you need help with growing, PM me, and we can share info.

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