How much does aeroponics increase results?

Discussion in 'Aerogardeners' started by Helmut79, Jan 7, 2018.


    Helmut79 Active Member

    This is a question for growers that grow over average results.

    Since you started doing aero, how big of an increase did you see in your results?

    It is well known that Co2 can increase yield up to 40% if done correctly. Most get about 20% increase.

    What can be expected when going aero, if done right? :)

    Helmut79 Active Member

    Comparing to hydroponics.
    redi jedi

    redi jedi Well-Known Member

    Not enough to make the expense worth the effort. A power outage of a few hours can wipe out a crop.

    Anothermeduser Well-Known Member

    Your already killing it at 3.75p per light, nobody has any info to teach you, obviously got er down on your first try.
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    Anothermeduser Well-Known Member

    Aero can be quick, most of the aero i see is packed to tight above and below, only way to run them is mediumless as any medium slows uptake, water only is the best way. One can get explosive growth if you know how, but like said many ways to fail and it comes down to system design, having failsafes built in can save shit.. power outage wont wipe shit out as no lights no need much water, a pump failure leaves you crying in the corner, i started running 2 pumps per table once i dried my tears, failsafes warm the heart. I have made a few post awsering your aero questions but usually delete them.

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    It isn't worth the hassle, if it was, commercial growers would use it. Most people growing aero just like to tinker.
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    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    about a pound

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