How much did you harvest outside this year?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by OG Jewish connissor, Oct 18, 2017.


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    5 plants 26 lbs buds and a few big bags of trim last pic i took was august 14th so they just started flowering and got a decent amount larger 20170820_080940.jpg
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    SageFromZen Well-Known Member

    Yae! Somebody else's got a 2mp flip phone just like I do!!! My pics turnout looking like a mosaics too. Nice harvest BTW...
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    Nogrow1 Member

    you would think so but its actually an s7... i just have a broken camera screen. this is how it does taking pics through spider webbed lens protector...

    Nugs1 Well-Known Member

    Started 8 plants in June. I was able to pull 4lbs which makes me pretty happy, had a lot of issues this year. 2.5lbs was LSD and its some good stuff, super loud.

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    Sir Napsalot

    Sir Napsalot Well-Known Member

    I got the clone from Amazon Organics in Eugene, and it smells like lime sherbert for the most part

    shawn75can Well-Known Member

    LSD is a good yielded then? I've seen a few online before that looked nice. I'll look into how long it flowers 1st though. Good Haul Man. ✅
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    shawn75can Well-Known Member

    Canada also. We be LEGAL in July 1st Happy Cannabis Day & Canada as well. 4 plant limitbut no height restrictions anymore. Yee haw. Veg veg veg indoors & put the bushes outside for display. My neibours can kiss my ass. Sorry got way off topic. LSD will get ordered within 2 months
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    kingtitan Well-Known Member

    You cannot grow outdoors with rec July 1st
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    Nugs1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah its a pretty good yielder. I was surprised how much actually. I lost about half a pound between mold and the hurricane that came through my area but still netted pretty good.
    I'll tell you that they don't look like much until the last couple of weeks and they will explode and be dense. If your in the northern hemisphere you should harvest by first week of October.

    Nugs1 Well-Known Member

    Its a very good body high and smells really loud. You can tell its some good stuff once its lit up. And its smooth too. It "flies off the shelves" if you know what I mean. I was going to try another strain next year but I'm convinced I need to go back with LSD.
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    shawn75can Well-Known Member

    Why can't you? Each household is allowed 4 plants

    Rusher Well-Known Member

    It's in the Bill. Indoor only. Yes, it sucks. Yes, go guerrilla. :-)

    Greenthumbskunk Well-Known Member

    Harvest is still ongoing and many plants still not close to being ready. Prob harvested 1/3 of my plants that I put out in the spring. Prob have 15 lbs dried and in bags, another 5 lbs on racks drying, 20 lbs outside freezing. And another 3lbs in a greenhouse.

    Been a very trying and difficult year. Very dry so had termites eat up most of my plants for moisture and bud worms as bad as Ive ever seen.

    Here is a pic of a plot I had of around 20 plants. Prob 15 of em had been killed by termites. When u pull up the stalk termites poured out. I ended up leaving some of em in the ground like the ones in the pic to see if termites would not move to another plant. They seemed content with those plants.
    Storm come through with 60mph winds and did a number of the plants I had left surviving. Harvesting this patch now. Got one plant that looks like maybe 5 lbs off it and another one I just packed out this morning. It's prob as big of a yield as the other.

    Disappointing yields so far. The dry and wind the main culprit.
    Hard to haul water. All these plants were over 10'+ at one time. I even took battery hedge clippers to em 3x to keep em from getting so tall. 2 of em was around 15'

    IMG_20171110_102058.jpg IMG_20171110_102110.jpg
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    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    I lost a few to termites this year too. I use DE but it doesn't do well in the wet, and it rained practically every day this summer. We used to use a poison used for soybeans. {I can't think of the name of it} We were careful to get about 3 feet back from the plant, and make a circle all the way around it. The BIL is looking into new ways to control them. There are some new synthetics on the market that are showing good results.

    clouds Well-Known Member

    ya indoor only with recs 4 plants. you can only grow outside if you have medical and then its 2 each gram of your prescription or 1 if you split it with indoor grow

    shawn75can Well-Known Member

    Ah Buddy that is bad news. I was under the impression along with a lot of others that 4 plants indoors or out for recreation. Omg I've been planning g n plotting. Fuck it I'm gonna do it either way. I thought about it fur 2 minutes Final Answer. Thanks for the heads up.

    clouds Well-Known Member

    just apply for medical will take about 6 months to get your papers for grow harvest medical or any of the others should help you with it

    Greenthumbskunk Well-Known Member

    Their is some badass shit called Declare. We used maybe a 1.5 ounce in a 40 acre batch in the spray rig. I used it going after the termites. Didn't get them.
    With termites you need to drill holes in the dirt and inject the poison directly in the soil. Didn't have a long drill for that.

    Declare is some wicked shit, nobody should use it out in the air with it. If you get a little bit on ur skin you get violently ill and think your gonna die. I'm talking not even a drop of it. You have to use protective gear dumping it in a mix tank.

    Just think how potent it is when it kills all bugs over 40acres with just a 1.5ounces.

    I have tried DE outside/ inside/ greenhouse etc. It's ok but it won't touch spider mites. You can mix it in water to spray or use a duster. Ive done both

    I let some small 20170818_120343.jpg 20170818_120348.jpg 20170818_120357.jpg plants go with the mites and try different ways to kill em using DE. Spider mites didn't seem to give a damn about it. They still killed the plants. Only way I've ever gotten rid of those bastards is with water. Shower the plants down.

    Here is a few pics of my experiment with DE. Notice how white the plants are? Lol. Those goblets on the edges are spider mites. Thousands of em would go to the edges of the leaves but never die. They are a pest for indoors but don't hold a candle to termites.
    Never come across anything worse than termites. When your plant looks ill it's gone. You can't fix it. It's dead
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