How many times can you harvest a single plant?

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    snappy Active Member

    Can you please answer a long age question for me...

    how many times can you pick the flowers off a single plant?

    can I keep on picking from the same plant to my hearts content?

    are there harvesting seasons when I can expect a new harvest from the same plant?

    is it just one harvest from one plant and start all over with a new plant and wait AGAIN?

    I have a 3 week old Hindu Kush that I am growing indoors, can't wait to see what develops.:leaf:
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    Kro0ks New Member

    1 harvest pair plant

    i wish i could keep harvesting on 1 plant lol

    Anonononymous Well-Known Member

    You can harvest more than once on a plant, look up re-vegging. You cut off all the buds and leave most of the leaves on when it's at the end of flowering, then put the light cycle back to 18/6.
    To answer the O.P. - I'm not sure but I've heard you can trim the rootball, change the soil and the light cycle back to 18/6 and a harvest can be done again, I don't see why it can't be done infinitely if the plant has enough nutrients, water and light. :weed:
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    GreenBully Well-Known Member

    Regenerating is the word. harvest your buds and leave most of your leaf,like anon said only you'd prolly b better off to stick her under 24hrs or light for the first go round ta get some good growth. other than that you can regen FORSURE
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    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    i think most people will say to reveg it for some amount of time at least before you flower it again .

    lol in the city where im from a guy got caught up wit plants and in the newspaper the police said something about how he had a sophisticated set up with lights that could produce buds again and again from the same plants year round lol i was like wtf funny ass cops no one really does that

    snappy Active Member

    So I guess it's 2 to 1 on Regenerating so far...

    I am encouraged to know that the possibility is there:clap: :-P. thanks GB, Anon and Kr.

    let's stand by and see what majority rules...:leaf:
    Bud Frosty

    Bud Frosty Well-Known Member

    You can harvest at least twice if you follow a few rules:

    1) Prune for a bushy plant (a hardy,bushy plant is a must! I like to top above the 4th node and do a selective cutting of fan leaves to promote growth of the 8 remaining shutes)

    2) Don't trim during flowering (unless you're topping again, you're going to want the extra foliage later)

    3) Continue to feed nitrogen through flowering (you have to have a healthy enough plant at the end to regenerate, just a weak solution towards the end)

    4) Harvest early (you don't want the plant to fully mature, pick all your good bud about 2 wks early leaving the little fart buds and any new growth in the middle of the plant)

    5) Reveg on 24/0 cycle (give it a good dose of nitrogen at this point also. It will continue to want to make bud for a coupla weeks before it starts to veg noticeably again)

    It's a good way to find mother plants also. I had a plant 2 years or so ago that I harvested, reveged, cloned, reflowered with those clones, reveged, cloned again, and flowered again with that batch of clones. If I wasn't so busy with work and quit growing for awhile, I could have kept it goin.

    Give it a try sometime if you have a plant you'd like to save.
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    snappy Active Member

    Thanks BF I'll keep these rules in mind, this is the part where I show how inexperienced I am, can you answer me the following ( I really Don't know)

    1. you mentioned the 4th Node...what's a Node? how many should I have now? how many should I expect?
    2. how do you and how can I feed Nitrogen to my plant
    thanks again,:bigjoint:

    GrassMaster Well-Known Member

    a node is where the the leaf connects to the stem but dont count the little leaves at the very bottom

    Delusional Well-Known Member

    is this guy serious?


    read this:

    dont post again until you've read it all....... Cannabis is not something you pick from, like picking berries...... you grow it, it matures, you harvest, then you start again. picking from the plant just means you're ruining it, you're harvesting buds which have not yet matured and you're just mangling your plant. Some people harvest and then move the barren mother back to a different light cycle to "regenerate" but this is not what you're talking about. You're obviously asking if you can just grow a plant and pick buds from it at will. No, you cannot. Also, the buds you pick need weeks to dry and cure properly, you're basically wasting it all. /facepalm
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    olosto New Member

    Man, wtf is your problem? this is the 2nd or 3rd post in a row I have read where you have come in with your false air of superiority, and rip on someone. If you do not have a positive comment LEAVE. No one wants to hear your crap attitude posts. :cuss:

    Back on topic!

    I don't hear alot about re-vegging a plant and a wild guess with my limited knowledge is that there could be a good chance of it turning hermie. It might be safer just to take clones. Easier too? Good luck with your baby!
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    Anonononymous Well-Known Member

    We meant picking the buds off the plant when they are mature, we never said anything about picking them off willy nilly.

    'Some people harvest and then move the barren mother back to a different light cycle to "regenerate" but this is not what you're talking about.' - wrong - this is exactly what we were talking about.

    'You're obviously asking if you can just grow a plant and pick buds from it at will.' - Nah. Read the whole thread.

    'Also, the buds you pick need weeks to dry and cure properly, you're basically wasting it all.' - Where did anyone mention anything about smoking it when it's freshly picked? Drying and curing goes without saying.

    '/facepalm' - Exactly.:roll:

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    Anonononymous Well-Known Member

    And who are you to tell people whether to post? A mod? Nah. You're so critical, at least make it constructive criticism otherwise it contributes nothing to the discussion.
    We're meant to be helping each other out.

    Peace :peace:
    Bud Frosty

    Bud Frosty Well-Known Member

    The nodes are where the leaves meet the stem and the new shutes emerge.Like Grassmaster says, disregard the first round leaves on the stem. As far as the nitrogen, just use a good 20-20-20 fertilizer with equal amounts of nitrogen for growth and phosphorous for blooming.

    And hey, it is so much fun to experiment! So don't let some ASSBAG who probably didn't get to breastfeed from his mother and got stuck suckin on the old man instead discourage you from expanding your horizons and finding out for yourself what these wonderful plants can or can't do. The best thing I like about this forum are the great people here who like to have a good time, try new things, and enjoy a hobby that keeps you grounded to Mother Earth.
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    Delusional Well-Known Member

    I was not talking to you nor do I care what you think about my response. I was speaking to the original poster. He was asking if he could "pick from the same plant to his own hearts content". I answered. Don't like it? Don't read it. The ignore feature works well, try using it instead of hijacking someones thread to cry about another poster. Private messaging system works too last time I checked. :dunce:

    And yes, there is nothing wrong with experimenting and helping each other out. It's what makes it fun. Enjoy your first grow. And check out that guide I linked. Tons of information to be found.

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    skunkman155 Active Member

    il make it 2-2.each plant has a threshold of bud tht it will produce and tht is strain dependant.always start from the beginning wen u grow get much better results.

    Knally Well-Known Member

    I'm experimenting with 2 Blueberry that I have left in flower after harvesting only the top colas. Got one oz. dry from those, but the canopy wasn't fully mature yet so I left the rest of the plant and restarted flower nutes. I flushed before taking the colas.

    It's been 2 weeks since I took the tops and the girls have continued to bud and bulk up. I plan on flushing again and taking the upper canopy. Then re-flower again until I can get the most yield from the whole plant.

    I know that this was off track from the post, but Once I harvest all that I can this way, I may be interested in re-vegging.

    Marijuana fruits are just like those of any other fruiting plant or tree, not all of the fruit is ripe at the same time. Either pick it as it ripens or pick some overripe, some underripe and some just right. Most growers don't have enough patience to let the plant mature fully and mature entirely.

    Go Green...Grow!
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    skunkman155 Active Member

    i agree,its good too experiment but devastating wen it doesnt work and wrecks ur grow lol
    Bud Frosty

    Bud Frosty Well-Known Member

    Try not to experiment with your whole grow. Stick with what you know for the plants you're counting on.
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    snappy Active Member

    Thank you all for your very pasionate responses. and for all the constructive guidance.

    I do not apologise for my ignorance as I know even all you experienced growers asked the same questions sometime.

    Thanks Delus' for the link I will put it to good use to answer your question I was Very Serious

    I am Very very New to Growing even though I am VERY EXPERIENCED at Smoking he-he!! I'm just tired of trowing my Money away. I have a lot of Book Knowledge about Cannabis as far as history and such but as you can see even all the books I read didn't teach me what I Node was...

    and I've only heard about picking and drying the buds and since I am also tired of all the hear-say I decided to do it my self I just want to do it the right way.

    and since ALL of you seem to enjoy this so much I only regret not doing this sooner.:wall:

    Keep on Toking!bongsmilie

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