how many plants to rule out pheno diversity

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    What up.
    If this is better in the advanced growing section let me know and I'll repost (and delete this)

    I have something I've proven to myself and would like to share with folks eventually.
    This is going to take time as i can't commit for a few months yet although i can start prepping.

    Id like enough of a base initially so as to eliminate possible doubt's over phenotypes being the difference between what i do and the control but im fairly limited in the amount of plants that I can go from seed to finish

    Any thoughts welcome
    Thanks folks

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    The more seeds you sprout and grow the more choices you will have. You will also increase your odds of finding a beast. Decide for yourself what genetic traits you like. I have seen undersized slow growing plants make HUGE potent buds. Do you like potency? The legendary G-13 actually made dudes shit themselves. It had a very powerful opiate effect. It was grown/discovered in the government facilities near Ole Miss. A lab worker liberated a clone and the rest is history. BUT it was truly exceptional and selected from out of 1,000's of seeds sprouted and grown. The seeds were confiscated by the government from smugglers beginning in the late 60's.
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    This is a bit of backyard science just to show something i tried and find works the majority of the time

    It goes against the grain of what's accepted so i would like a large enough base so folk can't say its certain phenos showing etc.

    I focused on potency and yield my whole time but have been learning about terps lately so will start focussing on them a bit from now on.
    That strain sounds good but tbf but ive seen a lot I want to try already and the list is getting longer lol

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