How long to get your card?

Discussion in 'Illinois Patients' started by dailydose46, Jun 17, 2016.


    dailydose46 New Member

    Sent my ap in a few weeks ago. They cashed the check a few days ago. Just wondering about other Illinois patients how long it took to get your card?

    dailydose46 New Member

    6/2/16 - Saw my doc.
    6/3/16 - Got my fingerprints.
    6/6/16 - Mailed application.
    6/15/16 - Application checked cashed.
    7/8/16 - Received card in mail.

    Unfortunately, they issued my card on 6/27/16, so I have a one year expiration on 6/27/17. I believe the law changed on 6/30/16, or will change soon, to three year expiration and never having to do fingerprints again. Hopefully I can get that changed.

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