How long can an indoor seedling survive without water?

Right now I have three seedlings that are about two weeks old. I need to head out of town for for two days, so there'd be about a 48 hour gap between the times I'd be able to water them. Will they survive fine in that time period without water? Or should I set up a drip system or something to make sure they stay watered?

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If you water them before you leave, they will do fine for two days, no worries. Maybe raise the lights up a couple extra inches or so.


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they should be fine with a good watering before you leave. If it were any more than 2 days I'd say to starting thinking about it


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it may help if they have a decent root system to transplant to a bigger pot before you go, then you can give them a big drink and they will be good for nearly a week.


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they will do fine might even be layin down at return if so dont panic just water
not to worry take care of yo biz


Just start giving them a regular water schedule water when the soil get dries you probably have them under cfl soil takes forever to dry under cfl so they'll be fine for two days no problem


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I know its bumping a 6 year old thread but I just left my 1 week old seedlings for 2 days with a big drink before l left and when I got back this morning they had all died :( So anyone else doing this, I'd def put them in a larger pot like a 1ltr bucket or something with a lot of extra soil that you can moisten to help keep them moist.