How long are people waiting to hear back from Health Canada ?

Discussion in 'Canadian Patients' started by willieboy, Oct 4, 2016.


    WHATFG Well-Known Member

    Well this is it...I've moved twice since March and had no fixed address for several weeks. I guess I should have just stopped medicating...this is so unfair. I suppose we can only hope that it's simplified in the future....although the more I think about that, the more I just don't see people registering with the government once it's legal...4 plants-8-14 ft
    Jay p123

    Jay p123 Well-Known Member

    4- 1000 gallon pots:shock:
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    Give that woman a joint!
    and you thought we were nuts! ;)
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    gb123 Well-Known Member

    I wonder what the offense is going to be for stealing your neighbors "MEDICAL MJ" Dan?
    I bet its a different animal...
    Maybe they can use the idiot neighbor of yours as an example :cuss:

    cannadan Well-Known Member

    No kidding...
    she started again last night...
    telling me i'm me i'm much too racist to own a black cat...
    and saying shit like "I won"..
    now our black cat is missing too...
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    Farmer.J Well-Known Member

    That's messed up. You should have said that you also own a color TV. Then again, maybe it would be missing too.

    Time to roundup the neighbor's lawn I guess.
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    dienowk Well-Known Member

    What a scumbag excuse for a human being, I am sorry you are having to deal with such shit.
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    cannadan Well-Known Member

    it has become expected at this point.
    but thanks you guys...
    she is doing her best to get our attention but we have been ignoring her
    and I think that pisses her off the most.
    ps as a side note
    the cat came back...but its not like her to miss 3 days worth of meals..
    at least the cat is back...
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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Id keep the cat in the house from here on out personally. Also, fuck Roundup, salt the lawn so fuck all will grow there for quite some time due to salinity

    cannadan Well-Known Member

    anything that she thinks of as attention...makes her all up for a ignoring has worked the best so far...

    but yes we can keep the cat in easy enough....
    the cat could have just as easily been treed for a couple of days,since we have coyotes around this area...
    and it was prob just a coincidence she mentioned the cat....
    it was more her wanting to call me a racist...I figure...
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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    Quite the genius youre having to deal with. The comment about the black cat would have made me laugh in her face and have her explain her logic. Ive never owned a black car so by her logic............
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    Farmer.J Well-Known Member

    Yeah you are right, roundup is bad for the environment, I was kidding.

    Rusher Well-Known Member

    If she has a dog, throw a handful of unwrapped beef OXO cubes into her yard during a rain storm. Then lay back and watch her dog go bonkers the next day. Provided she is stable enough not to hurt the animal once he destroys her lawn. :-)
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    CalyxCrusher Well-Known Member

    I was thinking more along the lines that it wasn't effective enough haha

    ThcGuy Well-Known Member

    Well it finally came. Applied June 02 and the registration came on October 25th so almost 5 months!

    I’m so glad I didn’t wait to start my grow. It came down almost a month ago!
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    cannadan Well-Known Member

    congrats on the flying under the radar did what you needed to and for 99 percent of the cases it works out.
    had you had waited the only thing to suffer would be your health...advocate for your health care...because no one can look after you, like you can....
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    kingtitan Well-Known Member

    what number you guys calling to check up on the application? Mine was sent by the clinic a month ago, just want to make sure they actually have it.
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    Pendragon Well-Known Member

    Old ACMPR expired Oct 6
    Doctor signed renewal application Aug 2 2017.
    Submitted Renewal Aug 3 2017.
    Returned to me Aug 14 because my doctor also signed the LP section, HC would not accept application that was signed by my doctor in two places.
    Doctor signed replacement form Aug 28 2017 in one spot only :)
    Re submitted form Aug 28 to HC
    Received my renewal Oct 25 2017 dated effective Oct 18, expires Aug 28.

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    cannadan Well-Known Member

    you would think the extra sig ...would not promote a problem...
    especially if its the same as the other one.
    sounds like anything to dick people around....sorry your caught up in this crappy system

    HotWaterKarl Well-Known Member

    I submitted my renewal around the same time and still don't have it. When I called I was told it's in the final stages, whatever the fuck that means. Dunno what is so hard it takes 3 stupid months...Now my other one has expired, and I don't have the renewal and I made sure to send it in 3 months early. So what, can I get arrested now waiting for this piece of paper? I dg too and that one came lickety-split, so since I'm not over plant count I couldn't get arrested. But what if I wasn't a dg and all I had was my personal that expired waiting for HC to get their shit together?
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