how is she looking 49 days old from seed

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    Hi I need help this is my first grow from a seed I found in a bag good weed..I am using 2 cfl bulbs at 23 watts with an out put of 100 watt per bulb will this be strong enough to flower as she has been in flowering just over a week,I know it is a female it has shown its signs sorry if this is not enough info I am very new at this and any help would be great

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    I am on my first grow so I am reading a lot from experienced growers on here from just looking is pot big enough looks like it may be small I have got autos on the go an 24 days I am surprised how big they get

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    Well, not to sound like a meanie. Buuut I want you to get on the right track. 2 suggestions to start off.
    1, replace clear pots with black pots. Roots don't like light.
    2, if that's foil replace with mylar or white painted wall, better light reflection.
    Curious how 2, 23w clf bulbs put out 100w?
    If you're only going to run 1 plant break down and get a 100w hps or 100w mh. It will be worth it.
    Plant does look healthy though, with the right lights and reflective back ground you can really unlock her full potential though.
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