how did you do in 2017?

Discussion in 'The Black Briefcase' started by UncleBuck, Dec 27, 2017.


    adower Well-Known Member

    Got a promotion at work
    401k up 21%

    Here’s to a prosperous 2018 for all.
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    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    Big Promotion, Big Raise, Stress and Responsibility off the charts mixed in with Pride and Glory. Family is good, I think they still recognize who I Learned a fair amount in the grow room.

    18B Well-Known Member

    Still retired and looks like ill be able to stay that way now that the stock market is kicking and the money exchange rate is finally profitable again....

    somedude584 Well-Known Member

    Met the love of my life, dealt with the worst roommate of my life, got a 4.0 GPA then summarily failed a class and tanked it, stuck with the same dead end job, lost a couple crops, grandparents going downhill, involved in a couple accidents. Been a tough year, and 2018 started with my love leaving me. Meh, can only go up from there.

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