How can I make a joint burn at a lower temperature

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    FoilageTrees Well-Known Member

    Joints are like the only way I enjoy to smoke, but they burn really hot and can be hard on your lungs. Does anyone know something I could try to cool down the joint without putting it out?
    Altered State

    Altered State Well-Known Member

    Use a length of joint sized stainless steel tubing to hold the joint and the tube will absorb much of the heat.

    Narrow joints burn cooler then fat joints more so its big cherry. Personally I use a Arizer Air vaporizer its expensive but gives thick cool terpene rich tokes.

    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    Try using a king sized zig-zag & roll it smaller than your pinky but keep it the same legnth, if you grind up your weed then try not to grind it to dust.

    Also, smoking dense & potent strains is more likely to lock your lungs up over the airy strains, More combustion = more heat.

    dnewsome2 Member

    Quit hitting it so hard.
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Could also be the herb your smoking. Harsh on the throat maybe and not the heat from the J, maybe both together.

    Cured is a lot (like massive) smother than un cured flower.

    WinnyBoyBlue Active Member

    I have a small trick, use slightly larger papers. I tear a single paper up into a few peices then roll them into small balls, I place them at the start of the joint. What this does is creates more distance from the burning material and your mouth, it also helps you to get everything out of your joint without accidentaly burning your finger or the filter and getting a horrible/unhealthy hit. just don't make them too big or too dense as it will restrict air flow :) !

    WinnyBoyBlue Active Member

    I got the Solo, but from what I hear they are extremely alike. Amazing quality vape ! I find it harsh on the lungs in a way it makes me cough ALOT, but doesn't leave any after effects smoke would cause. I think its because the vapor actually kind of ''pops'' inside your lungs, making you cough aha. CRAZY !

    MrTHCCBD Member

    Yeah, why not try a vape? You can alter the temperature settings to manage the heat when you are toking. It's also a much cleaner way to take in cannabis.

    Uncle Dank
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    Father Ramirez

    Father Ramirez Well-Known Member

    Oversized papers are entirely the wrong for cooling down a joint simply because they add a lot of paper!
    IF... if you strip the width of those ridiculously too wide papers to that of an old school, single width joint, AND you use ultra thin hemp or rice paper, and you use a business card or post it note filter, I believe you'll find it much cooler.

    Does this defeat your purpose?...I sometimes enjoy a joint stuck into the bong bowl.

    And ditto to vaping. Love the taste!
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