Hi. I might be famous soon. "Smoke Weed Responsibly"

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    I just got to Santa Barbara a few months ago in my persuit to finding out how to fix the intellectual property theft, and other things, by Lorde.

    I just came across a new legal issue that I am in hopes will start to unravel this mess. I'm Eplanet.

    I tried growing a few years ago and was successful in learning how to not do things by killing everything I attempted to grow.

    My best success was a small auto that lived for 4 months in the Arizona winter. It only got to a foot tall, was a male, and was useful for nothing...but it was alive for, yes, 4 months!!

    I am now certain I won't kill nearly as many to get back to where I was and maybe grow one that will be useful to put into my pipe.

    Drop a note. Interested in face-to-face with people in the area & autos to gorilla.

    Are there mj clubs out here?
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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    You might be famous?

    Plan on doing something Stupid we all going too hear about?
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    StuffinPuffers Active Member

    i dunno if bringing the top people from the music industry into an artist's Facebook account and then telling everyone your attempting to take over counts as Stupid, but I did that.

    That is part of what you should be hearing about within a few months. Lorde, "a ruler" is derived from that. She's actually a factory artist.

    I do somewhat Stupid stuff all the time. It would be a good idea to make me famous just for a case study for those things.

    StuffinPuffers Active Member

    generally it seems i am dealing with the condesending and patronizing types that would be more inclined to pull some slapstick Stupid for 5 minutes of internet eyeballs though...not my style...in a band?

    charface Well-Known Member

    I read every word.
    What are you saying?

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    so you talking about taking over facebook right?
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    Nafydad420 Well-Known Member

    is anyone else slightly confused...?
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    Gary Goodson

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    MedicalManny Member

    Howya doing!!!

    I also happen to be a terrible grower who enjoys a relatively small amount of fame, for doing terribly stupid things. Great to meet ya!!
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