Help with water level for my bong!!!!

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    Rcourt19 Active Member

    Hi everybody, can someone tell where the water levels should be on my bong please, cheers

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    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    what happens if theres not enough water in the bong?
    what happens if you put too much water in the bong?
    hey I got it.....pick a level in between those two

    not enough < :idea: > too much
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    Rcourt19 Active Member

    Hey mate, I'm not sure really, all I know, is it always taste bad every hit even when ive cleaned it properly, so I thought I might be loading it wrong

    vostok Well-Known Member

    In most situations Bongs are designed with art in mind

    many you need not be a human at all

    Chiq is correct you gotta mess about to find ur own level

    and mark it...

    keep in mind if you are in operations using this device ..

    less water is required

    more water if stationary or on a couch

    once you got the level right

    next is too freeze the bong perhaps overnite ..??

    for a rest run

    and appreciate that extra cash you spent on this tool

    good luck
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    raggyb Well-Known Member

    as much as possible without so high as to make the bowl wet and low enough below the thumb hole so it doesn't spill. Wet bowl or a wet screen might make it taste bad. At least that
    is what memory serves. I miss bong hits.
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    Sapphyre Active Member

    That is quite the toy....haven't seen one quite like it and lmao that the first thing I thought was how the fu*k do you clean that thing!

    So....basic rules IMO for multi chamber water bongs.
    The water shall not get in your mouth.
    And it shall stay in its own chamber.

    Too much water will...get in the next chamber, or, splash into your face/ mouth/ not usually the bowl if it has a perkolator...

    Not enough water will see the whole thing
    needing to be cleaned more often, and less cooling/ filtration.

    It's a bit of a fine line and needs to be adjusted for any new toy :)
    Sorry I'm not more helpful but, experimentation is key to happiness ;)
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    Rcourt19 Active Member

    Thanks everyone, I did try to find on the internet some manufacturers instruction but couldn't fine anything for this model and I also read that a lighter flame is very hot, so I ordered some hemp wick, as I'm getting a nasty burnt taste but thanks anyway everyone, I'm sure I will work it out, cheers
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