Help with ventilation set up!

I have a 4x8 and a 5x10 tent. 4 1000w and 4 6" inline fans. How would you set it up?

Im wanting some sort of filter on my intake. I have a fan sucking in between tents. Using one carbon filter and fan to exhaust and cool lights on both right now. Filters also on the oustside. My basements pretty cool so I'm not having heat issues rn. Planning on going to one fan per tent for exhaust though. Should they have their own intakes to?


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In my experience, your fans won't cut it.
My basement is 66F.
Running 1- 8" 720cfm fan with 2- 1000w se hps in sun system air cooled hoods in a 4'x8', it wasn't enough exhaust.

To keep things cool and quiet, I use 2- 8" exhausts running @ 50%.


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I was using an 8" and then change it out for a 6". 6" does a decent job. 8" can vacuum the room on full. Nice option to have. I'll go to 8" after this grow.

I use the fuzzy fabric pre filter that comes with the carbon filter. Cut a square and lay it on the vent. Negative pressure keeps it stuck to the vent grate. Or add a couple of stables. I used stables on the top side only. It filters the entire room. Clean air in, clean air out to the carbon.