Help with stealth before home appraisal

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    Well stated!

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    I love those buckets you made!
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    That's pretty sweet.

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    IMO, RSO works best for an all-day supplement. I think that because the pain is caused by nerves and not muscular pain from an injury, the relief is indirect. The trick is to use something that doesn't add to the exhaustion already caused by FMS. RSO also doesn't get you nearly as high as smoking, so it really helps with daytime use.

    After RSO, edibles are probably the best choice. Don't make them very strong. It's better to use something lighter a couple times a day, than trying to make something heavy to last longer. It'll just make you more tired.

    The most impact on FMS I've found, is MMJ + Advil, absolutely no opiates, as they are horrible for FMS, pacing myself, and avoiding stress. It's a daily battle, and each day is different.
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    Instead of a bathroom scale, just get a couple 2x4's, and cut them down to use as bases for your containers.

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    If he asks you what it is, say a friend is storing a few items with you while he is doing some renovations or some shit, and that it does not need to be included in the insurance.
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    Appraisers often times take pictures FYI.
    One thing that has worked for me in the past is propping up a bunch of personal shit such as bikes, surfboards, storage containers, chairs, etc. around my tent/room to obscure it and make it appear as one big uninteresting pile of crap.
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    I was thinking along the same lines as with stacking a whole bunch of boxes around the grow, like it was storage for a friend, or something.
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    I'm sorry but if your in a non legal state you need to take it down for the inspection. All it takes is a whiff, it sounds like you will be late in flower too. If the home inspector has a great sense of smell?
    They might see a pile of stuff and think whats he hiding behind it? A crack in the foundation, water damage ect...
    Rent a u-hall or do a tear down.
    Just think of the worst case scenario.
    Remember if more than one person knows it's not a secret.
    Cheers and Good Luck
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    Me too. Never knew Fibro could get this bad. Any strains you would recommend?
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    So, I have fibromyalgia as a side-effect of Gulf War Syndrome (Desert Storm era). The suspected culprit is a toxin/chemical called "Squalene-89". This was an experimental ingredient in shots the Army was given in prep of being deployed to Kuwait. GWS/FMS accounts for 70% of my combined 100%. I haven't researched where the experimental chemical has been used, in the civilian realm, but I would bet it has been used in other inoculations, which may explain how non-military people contracted this infliction.
    Gulf War Syndrome/Fibromyalgia Syndrome

    I find that it's a combination of things that have more of an impact than the actual strain. Along with vaping balloons throughout the day, I balance my day with breaks and a nap or two. I also take a heavy anti-inflammatory, and non-opiate painkiller, multiple times a day. For some reason the painkiller prescription name gets blocked, so let's see if this goes through. "[email protected]@dol". Works awesome, and non-addictive!

    I like strains that give me energy, rather than heavy indicas. Gets me up and moving, which helps loosen me up. For me, it works as a distractor, along with being an anti-inflammatory. I'm so used to the constant pain, basically from head to toe, but the weed takes my mind off of it. Along with opiates, one of the worst things for FMS is stress. If I get hit with bad news, I feel myself going into a panic, and I'll be useless for the next three days. Weed helps buffer that immediate panic.

    I also have several injuries, from when I was in the military (11c - Army Infantry Mortarman). The weed definitely has an impact on that, especially chronic back pain. But not directly. I get a reduction in pain because of the reduced inflammation.

    I just planted Girl Scout Crack, Gorilla Cookies, White Widow, and Special Kush #1. I'm growing these into bonsai mums, then I'll be taking clones from them. White Widow was a bonus seed, but I did want a heavy indica in my collection. Because I vape "speed weed" all day, sometimes I'm restless when I want to rest my eyes. So I thought I'd see if that helps.

    Hope that helps :)
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    Edibles really help with the discomfort. I get much more body relaxation from eating my morning brownie. But it takes a couple hours to start taking effect.
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    Mortgage banker here. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have guidelines prohibiting mortgages on homes where weed is grown, even legally. Also, mortgage companies do know and care about your homeowners insurance, it has to cover at least your loan amount. Like he said... they dont want to count on you if the home burns down.
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    Hire a van for a day?

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    Thanks for info. Don't know why I didn't see until now. Been an awful winter. Had fibro for at least 25 years, most likely longer. The more I learn, the more symptoms I realize. I had decades ago. Not that disabling for me until the last 5 years. I get through one day at a time now and even growing a few plants seems like work. It does help a lot. Especially the depression from not being able to do much. Can't take anti inflammatories at all and need them for several conditions. Not in a legal state but if I only grow 4 it's not a felony.

    Last grown was kurple fantasy & great but not much relief from pain. Looking for sativa types.

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    This is horribly misleading info, the drug you named is just barely less addictive than standard narcotics and is also an snri so not only can you get opiate withdrawals but you can also cause other issues if you stop taking it suddenly.

    [email protected]@dol is a horrible drug and is being marketed like OxyContin while being just as addictive but can also mess with your brain chemistry too.

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    I wouldn't call it "horrible", as I've taken it regularly since 2008 as an alternative to morphine, and other opiates. It's a semi-synthetic opiate, and it's non-narcotic. It works on the same receptors as opiates, and I do get withdrawal symptoms if I accidentally run out. But it is nowhere near the same kind of withdrawals one gets from opioids! I know, I've been through it a few times, the last being from morphine, which I had quit by going cold turkey. It was the worst! Again, much much worse than tram!

    But hey, I wish I didn't have to take any of them! But I do, and I think this is much safer and less damaging. But that's just my own opinion.

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    And about the "addiction" part, I strongly disagree! It is not addictive, and I've never had a craving for it, even when I've run out and it takes a couple days to get my refill! I have also not experienced any problems when I've stopped taking them suddenly, except for some light withdrawal symptoms that are very manageable!

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