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    Hey whatup gang,

    I've been taking care of my Grandmother's Gardenia plant now for about two months - just by watering it every few days as I was instructed (she no longer lives here anymore but could not bring the plant). I'm starting to get pretty concerned about it as its been losing lower growth every day since and I thought it was about time to step in with some real help. I put so much money and time into my own prized plant (the reason im on this board of course) that i'd really like to put that same level attention into her plant that she loves so much.

    Based on what i know from my own [non-gardenia] previous grows, i'd say this plant probably needs a bigger pot and is suffering from a variety of nutrient deficiencies? i'd guess? it has to of sapped all the nutrients out of that soil by now, or maybe it doesnt need that much?

    Any insight out there? I'd like to start feeding it some kind of nutrients (on some kind of schedule) and upgrade it into a bigger pot with fresh soil.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I C and P'd this but its pretty much right on: Fall or spring is the most suitable time for planting the gardenia bush. As for outdoor gardenia care, you should keep in mind that when the gardenia plant is grown outdoors, it generally prefers to be kept in partial shade. Gardenias also prefer moist, but well-drained acidic soil with plenty of organic matter.

    I've seen Gardenias as landscaping plants in theme parks and they always did great...I have also had Gardenias in my own home and they did awful. I know quite a bit about plants and never got the hang of Gardenia care. They do need acid soil so mb that's why they did so poorly for me. Anywho....hope that helps and hope ou can get your grandmother's plant back to looking and smelling beautiful. :)

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