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    Hey guys. I have been having a problem with my og kush for about a week now. The other two plants in the rdwc system are mazari, doing great. I know strains have different needs but I am unsure what it is telling me. I will let the pics do the talking.
    PH- 5.8
    PPM 360-400. Any more and it throws burned tips.
    Temp 75-85
    RH 40-55%
    No root rot as the roots are nice and white.
    I am thinking about pulling it if it keeps this up.
    Here is its neighbor

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    First suggest using EC in place of PPM . Either way your PPM is too low to be causing overfeed issues if mixing nutes properly. What is your starting PPM? Your base water?

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    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    Something is up with it's roots(i know you said no rot but when it's droopy its usually water problems or roots ) , you running enzymes to clean the roots?

    5BY5LEC Well-Known Member

    My meter does ec as well. Its .8-.9 I think.
    I will check the roots again to be sure. I am running hydroguard and orca along with a chiller.
    My base water is tap water, 80ppm from the tap. I add silica which makes it about 100ppm starting.
    If there is anything wrong with the roots I am assuming it needs to go. I have two other healty plants.
    I just checked the roots. They were twisted up tight for some reason, I am assuming it was because of the airstone. I spun the bucket lid around a few times and they untwisted.
    The roots are pretty white, no brown.
    Stink Bug

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    It may just be me but the pic almost looks like there is a bit of a reddish tinge to the leaves. That tells me that particular plant is struggling to take up Phosphorus. Or it just st requires more than the other strains in the system. I would try one or two foiliar feedings of phosphorus a few days apart.
    That's why most only run a particular strain in a recirculating system. Unless you know multiple strains in the system have basically the same nutritional needs and or pH levels. You could also try allowing the pH to drift up near 6.5 before adjusting back down to the high 5s.

    5BY5LEC Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the advice. I would not really call it reddish though, it just may be the lightning. I read about not growing two strains in rdwc but I have to learn things the hard way haha.
    I will try letting the PH drift high. I usually let it go but my PH Its taken almost 4 days for it to come up to 5.7 from 5.9. I change every week so maybe I have not been letting it spend enough time in the 6+ area. The ppms's dropped about 10-20 in that time as well.
    Foliar feeding huh? Can I apply that concept to anytime I see a def? Just give it a shot of what you think it is?

    5BY5LEC Well-Known Member

    Yeah I am running Orca and HG. You were right about the roots I think. They were twisted up tightly because of the force of the bubbles in the water. I spun the bucket lid several times and untwisted them. The new growth all looks fine. I will post pics in the morning

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