Help with bho drinks and separation

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    rohis Well-Known Member

    Hey guys. I do a lot of different infusions but i really struggle with liquid infusions.

    Ive tried - tincuring shatter (decarbed and non) into ever clear and adding it to premade juices (like hawaiian punch or arizona) and jello.

    Both give me these small yellow globs that stick to the sides of whatever package theyre in. I assume the bho is separating from the alchohol in the presence of the juice?

    How can i remedy this? I see people talk about syrups and sugars.. if anyone has an easy approach im all ears

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    rohis Well-Known Member

    Ive tried adding sunflower lecithin to stop the separating. Ive tried mixing the shatter and tincture at high and low heats. One thing i havent tried is adding a tiny bit of mct? I cant see that working but open to suggestions.

    reallybigjesusfreak Well-Known Member

    I decarb my shatter in a small mason jar, then add in my MCT oil and soy lecithin once the shatter is decarbed. I turn down the heat to like 185 and llet it hang out for a while longer, agitating occasionally. after its all mingled together, I suck it all up in a syringe and then add into whatever I'm making, candy baked goods, bevvies. Havent met anything I havent been able to mix it with.

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