help wiring flip flop (24) 600 watt digital ballast with (48) 600watt bulbs

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    hello there, need some electrical help on wiring up some relays ,timers, ballast and bulbs to flip flop 12/12 thanks

    when i hook up the timer to the timer post on the image, can i piggy back the connection to next relay and so forth? a 30 amp breaker for the timer to power up the timer. and how do i know how many relays can i put on one timers?

    the timer i have is spec to 240 volts , 30 amps, the relay is spec is 240volt, 40 amps.

    does that mean at a 208volt system ; 600 volt. will draw 2.88 amps and at the 80% load capacity i can hook up ( 8 ) 600 watt ballast and ( 8 ) relays?

    not sure if i am clear on what i said... if theres any diagrams or setups you like to share that would be appreciated.

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    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    I'd say that you need to know the amount of current each contactor control circuit draws. That will tell you if the timer contacts can handle the combined load-I'd suspect it shouldn't be an issue.

    hibok Well-Known Member

    i was thinking , if the timer is rated at 208v 30amp, and the relay is rated at 208volt 40 amp. would i be able to wire up 8 ballast to one relay and 1 timer?

    or would it be one relay for each ballast

    relect Active Member

    You can run 4 lamps off each relay using 2 magnetic ballasts. You hook lamp hot wire from ballast to power in and hot wire out to lamps to power out. Use a wire nut to connect 3 common wires for each side of relay. The timer uses 120v. They can be piggybacked together so one timer flips all of the relays at the same time. I don't think digital ballasts like to be flipped though so you do it a little bit different. You need to have the same number of ballasts as bulbs and and run your main power through the relay. So if you are using 240v you would need 1 relay per ballast. Hook your 240v hot wires in to power in and 2 240v hot wires out to power out to 2 outlets and connect your 3 common wires together with a wire nut. Then you plug your ballasts in to the outlets. The timer still uses 120v.
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