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    recently put my 5 plants into flower there almost 3 weeks in and in early veg when i rub the stem it smell like dank weed now when i rub the stem it smells like absolute shite. any ideas as to why this is ? new to this
    Antisocial Extrovert

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    I wouldn't worry too much about that. If they're growing fine, that's all that matters. It's very easy to over-love the girls but let them do their thing and they'll reward you in the end as long as you're taking care of them. Good luck!
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    stem smell is something I don't concern myself with
    Hashtag stem smell research?

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    Welcome to growing pot? Not sure what you expected, it's pretty widely known this plant has a strong odor. That's why nearly everyone has to buy a carbon filter. Theres massive threads dedicated to odor control here
    Richard Drysift

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    From my own stem smell research I can tell you that doesn't mean a damn thing. Sometimes even freshly harvested bud doesn't smell all that pungent until dried & cured. Stop rubbing your stems and let them do their thing.....

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