Help please, my girls are not doing well,

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    D26E062B-3274-415F-A66D-ADEA3F1801CB.jpeg CDC45697-18E6-4DBC-B377-C735D4140B99.jpeg 31498786-5601-4378-8802-1501D611B642.jpeg 7CF95B91-B37F-4C2F-B8F7-5F351DE6BD98.jpeg 16406ED6-A3A9-4269-8DFA-7FFE6A515B69.jpeg B03CAE78-8654-4E9C-9C8E-6DAEB516F87E.jpeg 5C209BD7-09BD-48F9-B04E-AF58A500AB3A.jpeg F2837224-4222-4925-8441-D9F4B9E81960.jpeg C16F5CB6-4D2A-436A-AA3A-32CF9F67ABC7.jpeg 43E78F50-9B95-4AC8-93EF-C2A2E03F3327.jpeg Can someone please help me what’s going on?

    They were doing well but I had move my whole set up due to some emergencies,
    Now the setup is in basement with high humidity,
    They were bushy and happy but I gave them them a hair cut and fed them and since then they are not doing well.

    You can see below the last picture is before feeding and defoliating,

    Now sure if they look like this due to humidity or something else please help

    I had some spider mites so I did 3 applications of azamax every 3rd day,

    2 600 w and one 900w viparspectra led

    800cfm w 8in carbon filter

    Window fan tied from ceiling

    Water them every time they are dry,
    I have not watered them in 4 days,

    Temp is at 78-80

    Humidity staying at 80+

    Lights 18/6

    Fed them once (first feeding) 4 days ago, flora series 3 part with silica and callmagic and mammoth P,

    Sprayed them with photosynthesis plus last night

    They are not drinking the water because I haven’t watered them in 4 days and they are still very wet

    Help is appreciated
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    Made em full size, are you using any fans? Are Your lights close enough? Food is your next issue, fans from the time they stand on they're own until they are bagged up and I've always been called a heavy feeder but these should have been large enough to be going into the flower room. Trial and error.
    Hit them with some foliar feed and read the journals. I feel like I need a good cry after looking at them ....
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    There is big window fan that I hung, trying to install a wall mount oscillating fan,
    Lights are roughly 24 inches high,
    Have not fed or watered them in 5 days now,
    Spray what?? I sprayed them with foliar essence tonight


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    Why did you trim all the leaves away? Photosynthesis occurs in the leaves. "Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into chemical energy that can later be released to fuel the organisms' activities". Those plants are going to grow slower and suck up less water now that they have less leaves. Lets pretend that plants are cars. What you've done is taken an eight cylinder and swapped it for a four cylinder. The car has less power.
    Stop butchering your plants. There is absolutely no reason to trim off the leaves like you did.

    "They were bushy and happy but I gave them them a hair cut and fed them and since then they are not doing well."
    Remember that for your next grow.
    Good luck.
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    That makes sense but I was told to defoliat 1-2 weeks before flower.

    That makes

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    Who told you to defoliate before flower? The plants need those leaves. I would stop listening to whoever told you that. I feel bad for you that your plants are in the shape they are in. They look good in the last picture before you removed all the leaves. They can recover in time.
    Good luck.

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    I know man it’s sucks, I have put sooo much time and money and then this.. it’s stressful af,

    So your not supposed to trim them down in veg at all?

    How often should I feed and water and how much water?

    Any other advice,?
    Dr. Who

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    If the same person told you to take a mile walk on a half mile pier. Would you?
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    Dr. Who

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    You only water/feed when the pot is dry enough.

    Pick it up, feel kinda heavy? No
    Feel light? Yes

    Stick finger in soil up to your second knuckle. Finger tip feel damp? No
    Feel dry? Yes.
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    defoliation is done on day 12 of flip, but never to plants that are this weak.

    growin-Jables Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately I agree eith what others are saying. I don't usually defoliate untill move them into my flowering tent and I only remove the bare minimum for 2 reasons. One being allowing my light to penetrate deeper into canopy of the plant. So only a few large fan leaves come off from the top. And the only other time I remove some is if a plant is extremely bushy ( like blueberry ) then I just take a few from the middle of the plant to allow better air circulation to prevent PM. Other than that you want to keep as many of the leaves on there as possible. Give them time and they should recover if there still in veg
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    So today I finally watered them with advance nutrients sensi grow part A and Part B in it and little bit of silica .

    Only because it’s been 6 days with out feed or water, so they can get some nutrients

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    Why are they still looking soo droopy?

    They did get a little Bushy, i Thought they were snapping out of it, but no
    Still going through whatever,

    Any help!???

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    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    One thing I noticed ..........
    You HAVE to run both switches ON ..... that Blue only switch is too weak of a light to do much of anything. Both switches on thru harvest. Give them the light they need , they will respond.
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    There's always lower growth on plants that are at least a decent size that will always be lagging behind the rest of the plant and should be trimmed out before the flip. At around 2 weeks in you can go back through and look at the lower parts of the plant and see a new set of growth that needs to be pruned out for the same reason. This whole "defoliation" thing is ridiculous though.

    growin-Jables Well-Known Member

    I have a 450 w viparspectra and always leave both switches on. The high humidity should be good for them since there in veg so that cant be it. If your running only veg switch. I bet your only pulling 4 - 500 ACTUAL watts from the wall with just veg switch. Which probably isn't enough for that big of tent. Kick both switches on. Give it 3-5 days and if you still don't see a change then something else is up

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    Okay I can turn both switches on, but they are growing bushy, how Can I let them stretch out?

    Like they won’t get tall

    theflowerman.dc Active Member

    Right now I am using sensi grow A and B, with mammoth P,

    Is there anything else I should add on?

    I have GH armor si, calmagic, sea green, rootmentary, great white, and bung of little things

    n0thing Well-Known Member

    Blue light helps keep plants short and bushy, red light helps them stretch. They will also stretch when flipped.

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